Sunday, November 18, 2007

A weekend of FOs

I tried to get pictures but I waited too late and it's too dark so I'm hoping to get them tomorrow.

I finished the hooded sweater, the teddy bear and a poncho I was working on last spring.

I started a pair of mittens for Zach and am searching for a scarf pattern, something lacy I think. I'm working with acrylic so I don't think cables will work well. But maybe something with texture.

I'm continuing work on the Jesse's Flames socks and the Christmas socks.

I won't be able to get a picture of the teddy bear because I already gave it to the woman who ordered it and forgot to get a picture of it first. She asked how much I wanted so I explained about copyright laws and she said she would put some money in the Sunday school fund as thanksgiving for the gift. I thought that was a reasonable solution. But I don't think I will take any more orders for bears. Not because of the money, but because I'd rather knit them for charity. I'm glad the person who wanted it will be happy though. She's a senior citizen who is on a fixed income and wanted something to give her grandchild that didn't have removable eyes and noses. The woman who ordered it is her beautician.

It will all work out for good, I'm sure.

I'm feeling better today and not as snarky, thanks. Every now and then I have a meltdown over the bills. Tom does work hard all year long and doesn't drink or go out with the guys except for the occasional poker game. He doesn't spend much money in the course of the year so I shouldn't begrudge him his one week of vacation.

As long as I get Buffy for Christmas.

I'm back on a sugar-free diet. Not because of my blood sugar; it was fine. But the cravings started up again and I was like a little addict. I went on a binge that I couldn't control. I've found that if I eat some protein when I'm having a craving, it helps the craving go away. So I'm back, I'm determined and I've learned my limitations. I've also gained 5 pounds. Grrrrrr.

I must go. Hannibal is in the kitchen testing the laws of gravity again so I need to put everything out of his reach so I don't have to mop the floor again.

I'm knitting the night away.


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AlisonH said...

Good luck with it all. Thank goodness for knitting.