Sunday, November 4, 2007

Random Sunday

What a difference winterizing makes. In spite of a brief hour of furnace the other morning, I haven't turned it on since in spite of temps in the low 30s at night. Sure we're wearing plenty of clothes but not so many we can't function (although I am sitting here with one foot in hot, hot water and epsom salts so I'm feeling pretty toasty right now.) Zach and I worked on putting plastic on the outside windows yesterday (did the inside ones a few weeks ago) and tonight after Tom leaves we'll put a blanket up on the north wall in his bedroom. We've struggled every since we moved here with that wall being the coldest in the house so I've got a blanket (on sale at StuffMart three years ago) with a wolf scene on it that will become a "mural" on his wall. I think this will make a difference for now.

Have you ever had someone make a demeaning remark and not catch it until much later? That happened to me this morning after church. She didn't mean it to be mean but it was just an example of someone not recognizing the importance of something in your own life. I mentioned that I knitted while I waited for Zach at school and she immediately jumped on it inviting me to volunteer in her classroom since all I was doing was just knitting. I mulled it over and considered it and on the way home it hit me that she viewed the knitting as something wasteful. To be honest, most times that's the only time I really get to sit down and knit. I spend a lot of time working on my home, making things from scratch, baking, fixing the place up, organizing and winterizing. Not to mention tightwadding (one of my favorite things.) I really view those times when I can sit down (and this winter it will be inside the college where they have lovely couches to sit on) in the car, listen to books and knit to my heart's content. This winter I might bring my kick spindle with me and get some quality spinning done.

Sure I get an hour or two in at night while I'm watching a movie or tv series in bed but I like to have each moment of my time being productive. It's hard for me just to sit and do nothing. I haven't gotten to the point where I take my knitting with me to wait in line, mostly because I have never had to wait in line for any length of time yet so it's like I would no sooner get it out of my bag and get ready than it would be my turn.

I feel like I do earn my keep and apparently my husband thinks so, too, since he has never really pushed me out the door to find a job. In fact, I mostly get the idea he likes me being home.

So anyway...I'm sure she didn't mean it. She's a lovely woman, funny and great to be around, but it does make me think how I view things important to other people. And that's the important lesson for me today.

I took the bears in for the Haiti box and got lots of kudos for them. I have a special bear I'm going to start on tonight. I'll let everyone see it when I'm done but for now...shhhhh.

Last night I couldn't decide what I wanted to be knitting. I frogged two things: the fingerless mitts and the hot water bottle cozy. Today I want to knit four different things all at the same time.

Well, Zach is fixing supper tonight and I decided to take the rest of the day off and do the baking tomorrow. I'm off to watch Dead Like Me. And then Jonathan Creek.

P.S. Why would a healthy man use a hand-powered vaccuum to suck up leaves when it would take less time and be less noisy to rake them by hand? I can rake more than he does by hand and I can get done in half the time. And I'm in pitiful shape. Sorry but this noise is getting to me (with my quiet tv-less house these days.) I've been watching him go over the same patch three times trying to get these stubborn leaves to jump up into his bag via vaccuum.



Angie said...

Good points. Perspective can color words, can't it? I agree, I'm sure she didn't intend to demean knitting but she didn't realize the value of knitting to you.

Kay said...

You know, it's fun to suck up those leaves with a blower! Your husband is having fun...

Vicki Knitorious said...

Muggles... what can you do?

I can't tolerate the sound of leaf-blowers/vacs (among other things), either.