Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fried rented modems at the internet cafe

I've been having internet problems ever since we upgraded. I still don't know exactly what the problem was but I noticed that we've been "renting" a modem from the cable company for the past 8 years at nearly $3 a month. I could own three modems for the amount of money we've been paying out. So I bought a new one and all the headaches that ensued from switching over.

They come to pick up the old modem tomorrow after telling me that wasn't the problem.


So for the past week or so, the internet connection kept going out on me and we'd have to re-set the modem. Seven or eight times a day. And always right in the middle of a blog post. the middle of a couple of blog posts.

It looks like I'm back. At least I hope I'm back.

I'm working on a scarf for my sil for Christmas. I drew her name and the gift has to be handmade. I was going to knit her some socks but the more I think about it and judging from Tom's reaction, I don't think a pair of socks will be as appreciated as I had hoped. I got some Caron Tweed and am knitting a scarf with a fern stitch pattern. It's easy and going quickly. I'll write up the pattern later, once I see for sure it's working.

I also found a pattern for a hat that I love. She's a French teacher so I was looking for a French apparel item and settled on a cloche. Being a huge Lord of the Rings fan myself (she's not but who cares since I'm the one knitting it) I liked the name of this one and when I saw the hat, fell in love. She gets this one but I'm making myself another one. With a name like Rivendell, how could I not?

I'm keeping the socks for me. I know I'll appreciate them.

More tomorrow and maybe some pictures while I wait for the cable guy. I hope he's sharper than the last one. The last one kept trying to disconnect our internet cable because he couldn't figure out why we had two cables. the work order. All this one has to do is pick up the modem and save me $3 a month. How hard can that be?

Books on cd...Angela's Ashes. Just finished Eldest and Rocket Ship Galileo (Heinlein). I've always liked Heinlein's early work, not so sure about his Future History stuff. I think he had some serious problems in his later years. But this one wasn't one of his best.

I love Angela's Ashes though. I've read that , 'Tis, and watched the movie so it's neat to listen to the book as read by the author himself.

More tomorrow and so sorry for not being around.


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