Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Not so much WIP Wednesday

Zach's Jesse's Flames socks. I haven't worked on them much because I had a four day weekend of not sitting in the car and got a lot of work done at home. Non-knitting work, like baking, laundry, cleaning, sorting...stuff like that. I'm still looking for the right sock pattern for the Christmas socks. I'm almost ready to go with plain vanilla except this yarn is so nice I need to show it off with just a bit of texture.

We have cable again and I hate to admit it but I guess I really did miss it. I got a lot of knitting done yesterday (on the Christmas sock which is sadly frogged...again.) And I saw me some Star Trek ..lots of it.

And I taped Angel this morning so I will watch that tonight when I get home (at 9 p.m.)

Today Zach has a study group at 2, a make-up class from the holiday Monday at 4:30. He then will leave that class after an hour to go to his regularly scheduled psychology class. Tomorrow, He has class from 12:30 - 2:30 and from 5:30 - 9:30. I have to take Tom's truck in to be serviced at 2 so we will be there for quite a while tomorrow. Fortunately, it's his last Thursday evening class so that will free us up a bit.

No all day classes next semester although he has two in Fond du Lac which makes for a very long day anyway. Five and six hour days, counting commute.

At least I get the summer off. Right.

I've been introducing sugar back into my diet, checking my sugar frequently. I've been bordering on hypoglycemia. I don't get it, why my blood sugar falls when I put sugar back into my diet but I'm not complaining since sugar-free stuff is a) expensive and b) hard on the stomach (and friends.)

On the idiot side of me, I got my cable bill today and it had a deficit amount on it. I couldn't figure out why because it had be listed as making two payments last month and I was sure I hadn't done that. So I called and yep...I made two payments last month. One of the problems of paying online, I guess. So not only do I not have a payment this month, I've got a huge dent in the December payment, too.

I guess this explains why I didn't have any money left over this month.

Off to get ready for the busy day in the car, knitting and listening to Eldest.


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Angie said...

The flames are looking good. I bet those will be hot socks. Arr, arr. :-)

Hey, I'm going to be working in the FDL area in January. Maybe your schedule will allow for a lunch meet-up or something?

I can understand missing cable. Especially for Sci-Fi stuff. I record my programs but I rarely find time to watch. /sigh