Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh, fraptious day, kaloo, kalay!

She's home!  My mother made it home today from the nursing home.  My sisters are having her living room carpet cleaned professionally.  Personally I'd just rent a machine from the store but no one really has the time to do it.  And my younger sister has been there nearly nonstop for Mom so...

I've been battling some horrendous insomnia and all the problems that go along with that.  The dr told me that nearly every health problem I have could be resolved in part if I could get some sleep.  But she didn't offer me anything to accomplish that.  I think she wants me to talk to the rheumatologist about it since she's the expert on fibromyalgia in the area.  Most of the problem is the pain waking me up.  Other problems are not sleeping deeply enough to get the rest I need.  I know that would involve some kind of sleep study which we can't afford so I will have to try and fix this on my own.  There is nothing I can take stronger than what I'm on unless I move onto narcotics and the rheumie won't give me those.  Nor do I want them.  I have known others who suffer from fibromyalgia who have been prescribed narcotics because their pain was so bad but what they had to go through with family members and the insurance companies was almost worse than the pain.  For some reason, people can't see us being in pain so they figure it's not that bad and we should just get over it.  It's frustrating and more than annoying.

I broke down and bought new make up this week.  I don't wear it often so the make up I've got is over 5 years old and not very good.  I got Almay foundation and Cover Girl powder and blush and eye makeup and such.  I love the difference.  I may start wearing it every day because it makes me feel so much better about myself.  It also gives me some color and I don't look so pale all the time.  But boy, howdy!  Make up isn't cheap.  Even the cheap stuff isn't cheap.

Zach had his appointment with the hematologist today and his numbers are much better.  His anemia is just barely anemia.  Only by a tenth of a point.  He still has some inflammation in his digestive tract but only a slight one.  We don't have to go back to see him again.  Just see the family doctor at his next physical.  If he still has insurance by then.

I've been knitting away, watching Dark Shadows and other things on the dvr.  I don't think I'll finish up the afghan though.  I started making a shopping bag to give my sister along with the socks.  I have another afghan I can take down there if I don't finish it.  I make them and then don't know what to do with them.  Plus I think I really like the one I'm working on now and may keep it.  I think Mom would like the ripple pattern I crocheted rather than the one I'm knitting now.

Well, I'm off to bed.  I got brats and beans for Tom's supper.  I'm going to start working on my sleep habits and go to bed now.  Well, go to bed now.  Sleep once the sun goes down.



Anonymous said...

Glad Zach is better. Re you: has any medical type person suggested it could be sleep apeana that is waking you up?

Kathy said...


No, it's not sleep apnea. It's mostly pain and the dog. I rarely ever just wake up for no reason but when I do it's more like being jerked awake. But that is a rarer occasion than being woke up by something physical.