Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Not too bad

I think the temps got as high as 94 today but the heat index was only 90.  Does that make it a wind chill?  It was a pretty brisk breeze going on and by 4:30 I opened up the windows and turned the window fans back in so they were bringing cooler air in.  Earlier the fans blew the hot air out and it was downright pleasant in here.  I did work up a sweat cleaning the dining room and kitchen in preparation for the new stove, but it wasn't terrible.

I still wish I could work for longer periods of time before I have to take a break though.

I didn't watch Dark Shadows last night because I had a lot of stuff on dvr that I had to get through.  I'm nearly up to capacity so I'm going to have to delete some movies I have.  Hard to choose which ones.  I do have some things that no one seems to be watching that I could delete first though.

Still working on the shawl.  I made it wide on  purpose but I may not have enough yarn to make a long enough shawl.  It may end up a lap blanket, which will be fine.  It's lightweight enough for those nice fall evenings.

I need to get back to work on the kitchen and get supper started.  Tomorrow night I'll pick something up from McSnacky's because the stove will be pulled out from the cubby it's in so I can clean behind it.  Tonight I'm trying to get everything done except mopping the floor.  That I'll do tomorrow.

So I should get up and get busy.  I still have a few hours of work to go before I can crawl into bed and knit and hopefully watch Dark Shadows tonight.  I only get it for a week so I need to get busy on it.


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