Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We're having a heat wave

The trip to Indiana later this week has been called off.  Tom's lead man is in the hospital and likely won't be back in time or if he is, won't be up to managing it all by himself.  Hopefully Tom can find a day off in there somewhere though.

In a way, it's a relief as I wasn't sure how to pay for it all.  We desperately need a new stove and that would have to wait another year if we took the trip down there.

Now I will have to wrap and box up everything and send it down later this week.  Going out in the heat just isn't going to happen so I can wait until the latter part of the week for the temps to go down to just a bit over normal instead of nuclear overload.  I may have to take a sedative to view the electric bill this month.

Last night it got cool around 3 a.m. but Professor never did cool off.  His tongue was really hot and he was panting so hard he was whimpering.  I kept trying to get him to drink water and let him out several times but he wouldn't stay out.  I was going to take a book and my book light out so he could lie in the cool grass but he wanted inside.  Finally around 5 a.m. I got a wet washcloth and kept wiping him down with that and he cooled off enough to stop panting.  I managed to get about 5 hours sleep after that.  Then I woke up to hot air blowing over me from the window fan so I got up, shut all the windows and curtains and turned on the a/c.  I'll run it all night tonight as it's going to be just as hot tomorrow.  I don't want the poor dog to go through that much torment again.

I've been getting some knitting done on the shawl.  Finished up the shopping bag for Steph but had so much cotton yarn left over I'm knitting even more dish cloths.  It's too hot to work on the afghan and I can't think of anything else lightweight to work on.  I could read instead since I've got books from the library.  Or draw or something else.  I'm definitely not moving around much.  I was going to wash and dry a load of clothes tonight around midnight but it's just going to be too hot still so I'll wait until Thursday.  The temps should be down by then.

Now that the sun is going down I'm going to head to the store for milk and a few other things.  No way I was going out while the sun was up and burning.

Hopefully I'll be more energetic on the other side of this heat wave.  I can't believe we're using our a/c and it's only June.  Never used to use it until August because the June temps were so mild. 

No global warming indeed!


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