Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Things feel back to normal, whatever that is

My mother should be coming home from the rehab center within a week.  Her lucidity and muscle strength, now that she's off the steroids, has been increasingly better.  The other day she got a perm and wanted make up to hide the bruises from when she fell.

I haven't called her yet.  She doesn't have a phone at the center so I can only call when my sister or dad is there and the past few days have been a blur for me with errands and such.  I've barely been home.  I will try to call tomorrow.  There's just no knowing when someone will be there or when she'll be available.  I'll just keep trying.

I got the third collection of Dark Shadows from the library yesterday but haven't had a chance to watch it today.  I'm doing laundry, trying to catch up on a mountain of it.  Fortunately it resides in the basement out of sight.  Unfortunately it resides in the basement out of sight...and out of mind.  I keep forgetting until I run out of clothes.

I had to break down and buy new bedding.  The sheets I had before seemed to stretch or something and the center of my bed was a mass of wrinkles, which are hard to sleep on.  And my comforter is just too narrow for my bed.  It's for a full sized bed, but barely covers the top mattress.  I went cheap because I apparently sleep better on the cheap sheets instead of the more expensive kind.  I ended up with stripes because it was the least unattractive option in the cheap section.  The colors are nice though.  Zach is going to take my comforter for his twin bed.  His old comforter is almost as old as he is.

I've been knitting quite a bit on dishcloths and the afghan.  I'm thinking of knitting some headbands when I get done with the last dishcloth.  I've got a pattern I like but the yarn that is called for makes it too small for my head so I plan on using Red Heart yarn because it's a bit bulkier and will almost certainly fit.  Which means I have to dig through my stash to find colors I like.  I'll probably end up finding the cotton yarn when I look for something else.

The past two nights, Professor has slept so well in spite of the neighbor's party out back.  I didn't hear anything but it annoys Professor to no end that the neighbor is even out in his back yard.  J is good at keeping his noise down.  Only occasionally do we even hear his music.  And this with the windows open and his party less than 3 meters from the window.  I'm sure if we turned our tv off we'd hear him but still it's not annoying.

So even though I haven't slept long enough, I was sleeping deeply enough because I didn't keep waking up.  My physical is in a few days so I don't think I'll bother mentioning the insomnia to the dr again.  Every time I do she tells me it's depression and I need to see a psychiatrist and go on anti-depressants which can react with my pain meds, but if I'm under a psychiatrist's care, I can take them.  I'm not sure how that is supposed to help the possibly fatal interaction but there ya go.  Needless to say I'm not going to see a shrink.  Can't afford it, don't have the time to drive that far and anyway, haven't met one I liked yet.

Pychologists are a different story.  I've met a few I liked, but still can't afford them.

Well, the pizza needs to be turned in the toaster oven.  The door nearly fell off the oven the other day and since we can't afford a new stove this year, I'm using the toaster oven more.  We used to use it exclusively when I was cooking smaller meals.  I think I'll get back to doing that.  I could stand to eat less, for sure.

The dryer just quit so I'm off to finish up supper and fold clothes.



AthertonCA said...

I'm sorry you've been going through a rough patch. Would your doctor allow .25 mg of clonazepam? That works for me.

Sending good thoughts your way.

Kathy said...

No, can't take it because it interacts with my pain meds. Can't take any anti-depressant or anti-anxiety meds at all.

But thanks so much for the good thoughts. I can sure use them. :)