Monday, June 25, 2012

Heading for another heat wave

There is one less chipmunk in the world, and while I think they are adorably cute, my dog doesn't.  In fact he will go ape-shit in the middle of the night if he even hears one outside the window.  As a result, I'm not crazy about them anymore so when he kills them, I give a moment for the spirit of the animal but I praise the dog to the hilt.  He's quick and much more humane than the cat is.  The cat will play with them until they run off or die from old age.

We're looking at another monstrous heat-wave coming in this week with temps in the high 90s.  I'm not sure the budget will withstand all this extra expenses, but we definitely need the a/c.  I might just leave the a/c on for the three days instead of shutting down at night and waiting for the outside temps to cool down enough to sleep.  Last time it was around 3 a.m. before it dipped below 80. 

And this week I need to do some very indepth cleaning because the new stove will arrive on Friday.  Which means I have to clear a path to the kitchen and clean behind the stove.  Fitting my rotund body behind the stove will be a monumental task as it is.  I really hated to spend the money for it, and it was far more than I had anticipated, even choosing a low end stove, but we really need one as the oven door won't completely close and that's a waste of energy, not to mention it will heat up the already hot house during the summer.  We didn't get bells and whistles but one thing I did insist on was having the knobs on the upper part of the stove instead of the front.  I've bumped the knobs before and accidentally turned the stove on before, in days long past.  This just seems safer and we didn't really spend more as the first place we looked at (within 20 miles of our house) charged delivery and the place in West Bend didn't.  We spent about the same amount of money.

But cleaning when I'm still dealing with debilitating fatigue isn't fun.  I slept a great deal over the weekend, too tired to even try a day trip anywhere.  Something has to give here because I can't go through life like this.

As for knitting, still working on the rectangular shawl in the boucle and some dishcloths.  It's still too hot to pick up the Greek Key afghan for now.  I might pick up the knitting loom this week, too, if I find the time.

Plus lots of reading over the weekend when I wasn't combating mosquitoes again.  I killed another 50 the other night.  I found a puddle in the basement from a rain we had recently and poured ammonia in it and tried to squeegee it out but I couldn't get it all.  Hopefully that will do the trick and we won't get the next generation of mosquitoes again.  I read The Help and loved it.  Then I saw the movie last night and loved it as well.  What blew my mind, though, was a message board where I couldn't believe the number of idiots on there who think that blacks didn't have it as bad as the movie portrayed.  They called it a gross exaggeration of history. it's not.  In fact, they had it as bad or worse than was shown, but with racism rampant in the U.S. again, people will believe what they want.

Okay...I'll stop with the politics today.  But it really pissed me off because not that long ago I served in the Navy with a girl, and she was barely over 18, who honestly believed that blacks were inferior, smelly and carried diseases and nothing was going to change her mind about it.

I'm done now.  But I do have to go finish supper.  Having baked macaroni with spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese.  I hate using the oven but it's cooled off a bit so it won't be so bad.  I still don't have the screens in the kitchen and bathroom windows and with the frequency of a/c usage this summer, I might not put them in.  I hope July is cooler than June has been.  We really don't have temps this high here in June.

Well, off to get some work done.


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