Tuesday, June 26, 2012


...for the week of 90+ temps.  Thursday is supposed to be around 97 but with the heat index that could be over 100F.  Not looking forward to it.  Plus no way we can afford to keep the a/c running for 5 days, especially in light of what the rest of the summer may look like based on this unseasonably hot June.  We'll keep Zach's room cool since that one is cheap to cool off, let the pets in there and I'll go in there if it gets too bad out here.  Thursday we'll definitely use the a/c but as long as it's in the low 90s I can't really justify using it.  Depending on the heat index, of course.  We don't have a lot of humidity this early in the summer so we should be okay.

I'll mostly do my chores in the evening and just lie around reading and knitting a bit during the day...in front of a fan.  I'll have the window fans facing out to get rid of the warm temps and we should survive it.  But I am worried about what August will look like.

Fortunately the upstairs cools off pretty quickly once the sun goes down so Tom shouldn't be too hot up there, but if he does, I've eliminated some stuff from the bedroom downstairs to make room for some bedding on the floor for him to sleep on.  He won't though.  For two years he worked third shift and slept upstairs when it was broiling out and wouldn't sleep down here on the couch until we bought him an air conditioner for Father's Day.  He was a much happier camper sleeping in the a/c.

I'm off to crawl into bed and watch the fourth collection of Dark Shadows that I just picked up from the library tonight.



knittingdragonflies said...

I'm reading your posts backwards, who would have thought when we were dreading 97 that soon it would feel cool at that temp!

Kathy said...

I'm tolerating high 80s right now but not looking forward to another spell of high 90s next week. Still, I'm going to try to avoid the a/c.