Thursday, October 20, 2011


I had to drag myself out of bed at 12:30 p.m. this afternoon but I did manage to get the storm windows on.  Although I broke the screen on one window trying to get it out.  It can be fixed but I wish we could afford a new window.

I had to stay up and wait for Tom last night because his brother called to tell me to tell him that a good friend of his had died in Germany, where the friend had been living for the past...oh, 20 years or so.  I hated to hit him with that when he got home.  How do you ease into something like that?  He's taking it okay but he said he always thought he would see J.C. again.

I bought a space heater for Zach's room this winter.  His room is the coldest in the house, aside from the upstairs which is just a redone attic.  And not very well done at that.  There is one heating vent up there but it doesn't go into the bedroom so the room upstairs stays pretty cold.  Tom has a oil-filled radiator that he uses to get the chill off the room before he goes to bed, but then he turns it off after he crawls under the covers.

It was around 55F in the house this morning when I got up but I'm not ready to turn the furnace on yet.  I still have to put plastic on the windows and put the winter curtains on.  I bought new curtains for the dining room because the ones I've got on there have foam backing and they're so stiff they don't straighten out enough to cover the window.  Plus I got shorter ones so I don't have to pin them up to keep the heating vent open.

I've got to move the bookcase from the foyer so the coats will hang straight from the coat rack.  I'll do that tomorrow and hopefully get some windows done.  Baby steps.  I just can't get it all done at once. 

I also have to find my snakes to put in the windows to keep the condensation to a minimum.

But tonight I'm just going to make up the bed and crawl in it.  I'll work on socks for a bit but I do need to get back to sweaters.  And Bowser.  And reading.  And dyeing my singles so I can ply them.  And scouring my Shetland fleece so I can card it and spin it.  I have plenty to do so I hope I'm not on the road much this winter and can stay home and do it.

Off to make up the bed.  Professor has been nagging me since we got back from the store.  When it gets dark, he wants the bed made up because he gets to snuggle in my wolf blanket.  I kind of like it myself.


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