Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mischief managed

Finally got the right size toilet seat (and cushioned, which is what Zach pleaded for), installed it (Zach) and tested it.  No I'm not saying who tested it.  It's nice not to have to precariously perch on the toilet anymore though.

I bought a bin for more yarn as it's lying around the living room in bags and I'm stumbling over them.  My corners are now full of bins of yarn.!

So I am working with what I've got and will avoid the yarn aisle...with deliberate vengence.  I do have plenty to work on for the winter.  I'm going to space the socks out so I've got them to work on throughout the winter.  Except the pair that is for my dad.  That one I'll need to finish up soon. I send a care package to my parents every year in lieu of Christmas presents and I try to pick out things they wouldn't buy for themselves, things that are consumable or wearable.  They don't need more "stuff."  I always send a restaurant gift card as they do enjoy eating out once in a while.  Maybe a Walmart card so they can buy something they need or even groceries.  People on fixed incomes sometimes do appreciate having that extra to buy something instead of giving them stuff that clutters up their homes and doesn't help them out any.

I'm turning the heel on the second sock (never put the second sock off or you'll never get it done) and am nearly ready to knit the armholes of Zach's sweater.  I should work on my fair isle sweater tonight since I haven't done it for a while.  I forget where I am if I leave it too long.  I don't plan on starting anything new until something is done.  I've still got too many projects lying about in various bags awaiting my knitting attention.  Some I will have to frog because I have no idea where I am.  Others I can figure it out but it will take a while.  If I'm still interested enough to figure it out.  The black cardigan, I'm pretty sure I'll work on figuring it out as I really want a black cardigan this year.

Zach and I split a meal at Wendy's today because that's all the money I had and it worked out perfectly.  I did get my own soda but we cut the sandwich in half and split the fries.  I'm going to carry a plastic knife with me from now on so we can do that in other places should we need to stop.  But we're going to slow down on trips to town which will help us save money.  I didn't make it to the library today because they were re-surfacing their parking lot (in the rain!) and the overflow parking lot was full.  Not to mention pouring down rain.  I'll have to make another trip.

Which I might do tomorrow as Tom and I are going out early to look at cars.  It's nearly impossible to drive the car anymore and parking it has to be on flat surfaces as the parking brake won't hold anymore.  I just hate having to make payments when we're just making it on what we've got now.  Next month we will no longer have the truck payment so that's a relief.  I don't expect we'll find the car first trip out but we'll keep looking until we do.  I don't want to settle for something because we're desperate.  But we can't wait long either.

Well, time to curl up in front of the tv and knit a spell.  I'm hoping I get sleepy soon enough so I can get up sooner tomorrow.



Carol said...

I've stacked plastic crates on their sides in the back bedroom closet - the bedroom that is sort of a "guest" bedroom, but also my "craft" room. That works well for me. Finally think I've gotten the right number of stitches for a hat for me - I tend to find patterns I like but then turn around and use a different weight yarn than the pattern calls for. Makes it interesting. Makes for lots of frogging.

Kathy said...

We have a tiny two bedroom house and I can't store anything upstairs because Tom smokes there and I don't want my yarn smelling. I sleep on the couch because I can't handle the stairs so all my yarn is in various bins and my armoir. As this is probably the only house we will ever own, I have no designs on a bedroom of my own and storage. But at least I have yarn! LOL

I rarely ever have the right yarn for a project and I'm not very good at adapting but it does make it interesting, as you say, to try. :)

knittingdragonflies said...

Don't feel bad about the yarn, I feel like I'm saving it up for the lean times, or the zombie Apocalypse. Either way it will get used. I get crazy and won't buy any until I use up half of it sometimes.

Kathy said...

LOL! Yeah, Vicki...I could knit all through the zombiepocalypse no problem.