Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Riding out the fatigue

It didn't feel cooler today but we did have overcast skies and some rain just a short bit ago.  The breeze felt so good while it was raining.

I'm nearly finished with one sock.  I'm making this one narrower than the ones I used to knit because they tend to "grow" a bit and after wearing them for a couple of hours, the socks are too big for me.  This pattern fits me snugly, which should also help them wear longer as they won't be slipping around inside my shoes.  Well, I say pattern, but I really don't work off of one. Well, a standard sock pattern, very basic and just adjust it to my needs. But for some reason, I had trouble getting the length right.  I'm on my fourth attempt on knitting the toes.  I hope this one fits.  I don't want them too short because my toenails will wear a hole very quickly.

I haven't knitted much today.  Haven't done much of anything today.  I'm trying to ride out the fatigue, just doing what I feel I can handle.  But I will knit some more tonight before bedtime.  Probably on the sock and Zach's sweater.  Neither requires me to concentrate too much.

I pulled up about 8 tobacco plants but quit because of the bees.  There is something grainy all over the plants.  Might be seeds, but whatever it was, the bees loved it so I left them to it.  I'll get more tomorrow. Besides, I need to leave room in the garbage bin for the rest of the trash.  I'll never use these seeds again, but I am planning on planting the seeds from last year's crop.  At least those turned out well.  Still, I'm not planting much.  Next year the garden will be for veg.

I'm fixing supper right now.  I didn't realize how late it was.  Sloppy Joes, mashed potatoes and corn.  It's one of Tom's favorite meals and since I haven't cooked much lately, I thought I owed him.  Plus I'm trying to clean the kitchen while I cook.

Well, off to work some more on cleaning the kitchen while I cook.



Carol said...

I hate socks that slide down, love socks that are knee-high and stay put. I looked at the stretchy sock yarn, then decided it would cost $21 for a pair of socks. A bit pricey, methinks.

Kathy said...

I hate that, too. Most of the socks I knit for me are out of worsted so the price is a bit less, but still more than what I could buy at the store. If I could buy the equivalent at the store. I can't find thick socks for women and men's hunting socks are way too big.

Plus I get so much enjoyment out of knitting them.

I've worked with the stretchy sock yarn before (I won the yarn in a blog contest) and loved it but wouldn't pay out that much money for it. Regular sock yarn can run around $16 so I don't it much. Once a year or so just for the enjoyment. But I rarely wear them because I'm afraid of wearing them out. LOL!

knittingdragonflies said...

Good luck on your socks! I'll look forward to seeing them.
Get some rest

Kathy said...

Thanks, Vicki. I'll try to get some pictures very soon.