Monday, October 10, 2011 last!

This might be one of the last summer days of the year although it will still be pleasant the rest of the week.  It's time to start moving on winterizing the house.  Maybe I'll start on that Friday, but the rest of the week will be catching up on cleaning.  I started scrubbing the bathroom today and pulled up some of the tobacco and threw it away.  I thought it was because the soil was depleted but the new area didn't grow any better so I think it was just the brand of tobacco.  I talked to Tom and we're not going to grow any next year.  I'm sticking to vegetables from now on.

Besides, he still has the tobacco from last year to process.

I'm knitting socks at long last.  My heart and my hands are happy!  I'm making them a bit shorter because I can get a pair out of each skein if I do that.  And it occurred to me that I could knit leg warmers out of some of my spare acrylic so I could keep my lower legs warm without extending the cuff of the sock.  I know in all circles except knitters, leg warmers get laughed at but in my own home, I'm going to wear them.

I'm still working on Zach's sweater, my fair isle sweater and Bowser but not on everything every single day.  I'm alternating a bit so I don't get bored.  Progress is a bit slower, but I'm a process knitter anyway so it's no big deal.

I didn't cook tonight because I didn't get the kitchen as cleaned up as I intended.  But I made progress and have a can of beef stew for Tom's supper so he should be okay. I still struggle against the fatigue to the point when I know I should just ride it out.  I just don't listen to my body enough.

But tonight I am going to bed and hopefully sleep very soon.  I'm getting around 7 hours of sleep but it's not restful.  I'm not sure how to make sleep more restful.  Maybe I should just practice more. :)



Carol said...

They say practice makes perfect - I practice sleeping a lot, but I have a dog that decides when I've had enough. I think today I'll go to town to get some more knitting needles - have patterns for a couple of projects I want to do that require sizes I don't have. Good excuse, right?

Kathy said...

LOL! Then I definitely need to practice sleeping more because I'm not doing it right.

Any excuse to buy for knitting is a good excuse. :)