Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Brighter days

Riding out the fatigue seems to be working.  In tiny measures, but there is still improvement.  I had to go to town today because the toilet seat broke last night and Tom couldn't fix it.  I took measurements with me but none of the seats were exactly the same so I bought one that is only an inch too long.  Width is exactly right though.  But, with the amazing luck we have, one of the plastic bolts is stripped and won't come off.  We've been working on it in shifts for a couple of hours and just can't get it off.  I'll have to find the hacksaw tomorrow and cut it off, I guess.  Unless Tom's manly muscles can budge it.

But I did get some things done today because I felt like it and not with that sense of working underwater that I usually feel.  I haven't knitted yet, but I'm getting ready to go in there now.  Supper was pizza and since that's done, I'm going to get ready for bed. 

I was going to knit on Zach's sweater but I couldn't find the other knitting needle.  I looked all over but it wasn't to be found so I worked on the second sock.  I'm nearly to the heel flap on it.  When I made up the couch today, there was the needle...under the mattress pad and foam sheet, in the center of the couch.  Good that I didn't feel it.  I guess I'm not a princess after all (re:  Princess and the Pea.)

So, tonight will be spent working on Zach's sweater.  Hopefully I'll get to work on his Bowser tomorrow.  I'm woefully behind on it.  It won't be done in time for his birthday.  Neither will his sweater, but he's okay with that.  I'll take him out to eat and let him buy a cheap game for his Wii.

Next week he's going to go to the library here in our bitty town and see about volunteering there.  He's still putting applications in but no call backs or interviews at all.  He's decided to go back to school in January and get a second degree in a field he can get a job in.  Back to Moraine Park, with all it's faults, but at least he won't be starting from scratch.  He has all his core subjects, his electives and many of the office skills needed for a degree in accounting so it won't take him all that long to get another degree.  This time, all the subjects are in Beaver Dam so we won't have to drive in the snow to Fond du Lac.  Plus he knows what to do about making connections this time that he didn't know when he was there before.

His student loan will almost be paid off by then so he can just extend it and hope to get a grant or scholarship in the spring.

I'm working on better organization here and hopefully I can find the closets and basement and get the clutter hidden so my environment is more conducive to being productive.  Maybe I'll figure out how to earn money from home.

In the meantime, I'm just riding out the fatigue storm and waiting for the other end.  Feeling brighter today made a huge difference in my emotional state though.  Just hoping tomorrow is as bright as today was.



knittingdragonflies said...

I'm with you on the toilet seat, what is the deal? Ours broke and I went through 3, that broke, super cheaply made, and didn't fit right. Finally I told my husband, find one that fits. I don't care what it costs!
Hey if your bum isn't happy, no one is happy.

Kathy said...

If they don't have standard size toilet seats, then they should have the measurements on the package, right? It was a frustrating shopping experience, for sure. This one looks rounder than the last one did but at least we have a seat now. And a cushioned one at that. :)