Sunday, April 28, 2013

Still waiting for answers

I got the handicap placard with no resistance from the dr.  She was glad to sign the paper for me.  It's for 3 months after which time the dr hopes I'm back to normal...or better.  Fear is a powerful motivator when it comes to health.

I had never seen her pissed before but when she found out I still didn't have an appointment for an echocardiogram she was livid since time is pretty important.  The appt lady smugly claimed no one told her I needed one but the dr showed her the report that went her way.  She claimed she never got it and that she only knew I needed to see the cardiologist.  How could she know one without the other as they were both on the same paper?  I hope she got her ass chewed out after I left.

She made her call up and get me an appointment as soon as possible instead of faxing them so I go in at Wednesday at 7:15 a.m.  Groan!  It's an hour drive so I have to leave here about 6:15 which means I have to get up EARLY!!  Not looking forward to that but at least I just have to lie there under the ultrasound.  No poking at my already bruised arm.  I have three extremely large bruises still.  One went away quickly but the rest are still purple and yellow.

I'm waiting to find out what caused the CHF for sure and if we can do something to minimize the damage and if anything needs to be done to fix it...meaning heart surgery:  either valves or bypass.  If it's from the chemo, there's nothing much they can do except try to keep it from getting worse (which they can do) and possibly rehabilitate the heart a bit.  Though not a lot.

I wondered why they kept checking my ankles for swelling since my fluid was on the lungs which indicates left-sided damage.  Right side causes swelling on the ankles.  But when she showed me the ejection numbers, both of them were red, meaning I failed the tests.  I didn't ask but I wonder if that means both sides have damage. Which seems to me from what I read that that would indicate chemical damage rather than physical.  I don't want to speculate (although I can't seem to stop myself.)  Have to wait and see.

I've been getting some knitting done on the sweater and the second sock for Robyn.  I'm staying in bed a lot because I'm not supposed to exercise at all and movement is supposed to be limited.  I have fixed a few meals for myself but they were simple.  Poor Zach is cooking twice for each meal except breakfast.  And a few times when I could do it myself but we've reached a stage when I need more and better meals so he's going to get a lot of practice cooking until I'm back on my feet.

He's doing all the laundry, all the cleaning and almost all the cooking.  Without complaining at all.  Gotta love the guy!

Now I think I'm going to take a nap.  Even though I was on the cart, I did have to walk from the parking lot and back and I'm pretty tired.  I hope that goes away, too. 


Anne said...

Have you considered using a walker? I have one..4wheels,basket under the seat...folds up to fit in car. It seems to make walking easier...began using it as soon as could get out of wheelchair. It works for me...something else might be a better fit for you.

Kathy said...

Actually I've been cleared for light exercise so I don't even need the cane or handicap placard anymore. I'm excited to get busy cleaning the house now. :)