Monday, April 15, 2013

Life's ass kicking

I spent yesterday afternoon in the emergency room with a doctor who was convinced from the beginning that I never had pneumonia but some other exotic illness (as yet to be name) instead.  So I had many expensive tests that will further drive us further into debt...which was all brought on by medical expenses in the first place.  So I am on another inhaler and lasix to get rid of the fluid in my lungs still (more has been added to the left one plus some fluid on the heart as well) even though there is no evidence that my body is retaining fluid.  Apparently I didn't have pneumonia because my white count wasn't high enough (it's higher now) and I wasn't running a fever (it was 98.9, which for me is a fever as my normal temp is 97.2.)  I'm now running a temp of 99 so that apparently isn't a fever either.  So I can't wait to talk to my dr so I can find out what's really wrong.  This guy wants me to have an echocardiogram and see a pulmonologist.  If my dr says I should I will but this guy was pretty free with my money as well as the insurance's money.

My mother's funeral was today.  I wasn't there, of course but my sister said that over 300 people went to her viewing (it was listed as a "calling"...not sure why) and over 150 at her funeral.  The line to view her was 3 hours long.  My mom was a school secretary, among other things and was also very active in her church.  She affected a lot of people in her life.  I suppose it will sink in eventually.  I'm not even sure I'm past the acceptance stage yet as it's not that real for me.  They taped the funeral so I expect when I see the dvd it will become more real.

Obviously I'm not knitting much right now.  Staying in bed as much as I can, taking my meds and trying to rest.  I'm able to breathe through my nose now instead of panting through my mouth so that's an improvement.  I probably won't knit tonight either.  I'm going to rest.

Today is my husband and my oldest son's birthdays.  It was pretty crappy for Tom as he's had to wait on me and he also found out a good friend lost his wife to cancer over the weekend.  He knew them both so this hit him pretty hard.  My mom, whom he really loved, his friend's wife and me being sick.  Not a fun birthday.  So Zach took him out to eat and spend some time alone.  They haven't done that for years so I'm glad they can do this.  I hope his day improves. 

I should probably lie down for a bit and maybe take a nap.  I mostly just napped last night because the lasix kept me in need of the bathroom all night.  I need to get up early tomorrow and call the dr for an appointment for Zach.  He's still coughing after nearly a month.  And he's still got a sore throat.  Poor guy has been taking care of me and not getting rest himself.

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