Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Mom is still with us.  I was able to "talk" to her earlier today. My older sister put the phone up to her ear but she didn't seem to react at all.  I'm not sure if she's in a coma now or just sleeping most of the time.  I forgot to ask.  I was able to say goodbye even if I didn't actually say the words but I feel better now and Mom leaving us.  It won't be much longer.  Although her vital signs were back to normal when I called Peg they were low this morning.  And she's no longer putting out urine so the toxins will probably build up more quickly now.  She's obviously in pain, too so they are keeping her up with pain meds and sleeping aid at night, but otherwise just care to make her comfortable. 

I haven't worked on much lately but I did knit on the sock a bit last night. Then had to un-knit everything I had accomplished because I made a mistake.  Obviously my mind wasn't on my work.  Zach wants a cover for his cell phone because he can't put it in his pocket because it will scratch so we got some Lion Brand blue variegated yarn.  It's some kind of Vanna's Choice but it's a bit pricier than the skeins I've used in the past.  But since it requires so little yarn, I thought it would be okay, especially since I can use the rest to make tarot bags or bags for crystals and such.

It's cold, windy and rainy today.  A tree got blown over in the next town but I haven't seen any damage around here.  Hopefully tomorrow it will warm up.  We're thinking of going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow although I hate shopping there.  Still, knowing that what we make will be sold to Pagans sort of makes it better.  I want to look at jewelry making stuff, and tools to use while working with clay.  I might not buy anything yet but I want to get the trip out of the way while I'm still "down" with this pneumonia.  Hopefully by next week I'll be able to get up and around.  I have an appointment with the dr on Tuesday for a follow up.  Hope I pass.

I'm going to bed now to knit and read or maybe even just sleep.  The good news is that I'm sleeping a lot lately.  No bad news that I can think of except I'm still short of breath whenever I exert myself at all.  But as I'm coughing more and better I hope that will change by next week.

Off to put on my jammies and crawl under the covers and get cozy.

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