Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Leaving us bit by bit

My mother has been a week out from her last dialysis treatment but is still alert and responsive although she sleeps a lot more and is considerably weaker.  I find myself listening for the phone all night long.  She's in palliative care labs and her meals are brought to her room.  Fortunately she's in a single room so her roommate isn't being inconvenienced by the hundreds of people coming to say good bye to my mother.  She has been a rock in her church community for more than 60 years and has made a lot of friends.  I'm told she's spending more and more time "there" instead of "here" as people do when they begin their journey through the veil.  She looks out the window and stares into space, sleeps a lot more.  It's part of the process but one she must do alone.

I'm feeling much better, able to breathe and function again.  I'm nearly out of albuterol and the steroid spray is completely out.  I'll make an appointment next week to see the dr for follow up.  I've just got a lot on my plate right now.  I'm still a bit breathless when I exert myself but it's mild and similar to taking a brisk walk.  No gasping for breath at all...just some mild puffing.  Occasionally I wheeze but only occasionally.

I was able to get some cleaning done today.  It's taking me a long time to clean one room but I don't want to go nuclear and then end up back in bed for a week like I did last time.  If it takes 3 days to clean a room, then it does.  I'm finishing up fixing supper right now and then I'm done for the night.  Zach is doing laundry so I am cooking.

I started the socks for my niece and found out she doesn't like purple so I'm going to use the two pinks I have.  There is a slight difference in color so I think the jaywalker pattern will be effective in showing off the subtle striping.  Maybe even better than the pink and purple.  So S will get the purple socks and R will get the pink ones.  And I have some brown left over for me.  Plus I can use what's leftover to make some crazy socks for me, too.

Zach and I have started a venture together and today was the day we committed to it.  That means we actually sunk money into it.  We don't expect a return for a couple of years but you have to start somewhere.  I have needed to find a career path that would work for me staying home and he's had trouble even finding a job in fast food so hopefully this will lead to some income in the future.  Nothing dodgy and nothing "internet" although we will certainly use the computer when we need to.  He's going to continue his education in the meantime but it would only enhance the business we're starting together so...

Well, I'm nearly done with supper so I think I'll sign off and get into my pajamas and curl up with a good book tonight.

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