Friday, May 3, 2013

Some answers

Just got back from the cardiologist's office with some answers.  Not a lot but some.  My heart is slightly enlarged but the valves are in good shape.  I have moderate heart failure but he thinks we can reverse it or at least most of it.  He thinks I might have blockage though so I have to have a stress test on Monday morning (at the obscene hour of 6 a.m.) and after that most likely a heart catheterization.  And then I'm guessing surgery after that.  He didn't really comment on that.

So I'm cleared for light exercise, working toward more intense exercise as I get better and light cleaning and cooking.  Maybe not so much today though as I'm really tired from the dr's appointment and the shopping we did afterward.  But it's good that I don't need to use the carts anymore or even the handicap placard.  Unless there isn't any parking within 400 yds, I'm thinking.  I know I can't walk from the back of the parking lot right now but I can't recall the last time I had to do that so I should be okay. 

I finished up Robyn's socks last night and looked at patterns for Steph's.  She liked the pink ones I knitted for our aunt so I might knit those in purple.  I can look around first before I decide though.

I should get back to the sweater as well, especially since it feels like winter again today.  It just requires more concentration which has been in short supply lately.

Well, off to fix myself some lunch and then a nap.  Maybe some light cleaning later. I figure I got the walking done at the store today.


Beth said...

Many times they are able to compress the blockage and place a stent to keep it open during the cardiac cath. Good Luck.

Kathy said...

That's good to know, Beth. A big relief in fact. Thanks!

Violet Marbles said...

Glad to hear that you got some answers and are doing a little better!

Kathy said...

Thanks! I don't feel at all ill or anything but I do get tired more easily these days.

Anonymous said...

This sounds very good..glad you are doing so well.

Think positive...perhaps the dr. didn't mention heart surgery because he doesn't think you will need it?

Good luck with the stress test.

Kathy said...

Thanks! I'm feeling pretty good so it's hard for me to imagine that I have congestive heart failure at all, but I'm still working on taking care of myself better.

I hope that's the case...that he doesn't think it will be necessary.

I made it up there for the stress test and it was long and boring but behind me now. I just have to wait for the results. Which I'm sure will take another few days.