Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'm really tired of all this bad luck

I've finally succumbed to whatever this nasty cold/virus is.  My head is pounding, my throat is sore and swollen and I'm coughing.  Plus my muscles and joints are screaming at me in spite of taking all that is allowable for pain.  Wonder what it would feel like if I hadn't taken anything.  OUCH!

I haven't done any knitting lately because I've been going to bed around 6 p.m. drifting in and out of sleep until I finally stay there...until Professor needs out.  At least 4 times a night.  The house is a disaster but I'll worry about that when I feel better.

The night of the winter storm I had to go pick Tom up because the truck wouldn't start.  What is normally an hour roundtrip turned into a 3 hour trip.  It was pretty scary at times.  I was going about 25 mph the whole way but in one spot the snow had drifted across the road to a depth of around 3 inches and with the wind I started sliding off the road toward a ditch.  Of course there was a car coming from the opposite direction so I couldn't shift over to the other, less snowy lane.

No idea why the truck won't start.  We've spent a small fortune on that truck in the past 2 years...well over $1500.  I'm just hoping we can get it home without having to tow it.  We're going to try a couple of things but I feel too crappy to be optimistic about it all.  After all, we have the worst luck when it comes to our finances.  Whenever we start to catch a break, something happens like this to use up whatever money we had stashed for emergencies.

No word on my parents.  I haven't called in a few days, mostly because I was really down about the truck and tired from little sleep thanks to a dog with a bladder the size of a thimble.  I was going to call yesterday but my throat hurt and I spent part of the day in bed.  I'm going to spend it in bed again today.  And as it hurts to talk, I don't think I'll call today either.  No news seems to be good news in our family.

Off to take another nap if the dog will let me.  I'm almost out of cold medicine unfortunately and no car to go get it.  We might end up with one vehicle for a while if we can't figure out what is wrong with the truck.  Can't afford to put it in the shop and just hope they don't charge us another $600 to fix it.

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