Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shameless promotion

Feeling much better today.  The junk in my lungs is looking more normal and my breathing is a lot better.  I'm still short of breath when I get up and putter around but I really do need to get up and get some things done.  In a measured amount, though.  I'm not overdoing it and I'm not letting myself get out of breath.  Just a few minutes here and there with long periods of rest in between.  I feel better accomplishing things.

A bit of shameless promotion for my older son:  he has written a book and published in on Amazon.com.  It's free for the next couple of days on Kindle or you can set up a Kindle Cloud for pc if you want to read it on your computer.  The book is Rosalind and while I haven't read it in full yet, I saw most of it in its raw form.  It's pretty darned good if I do say so...as a proud mother.

I did some knitting last night but it wore me out so I only got a couple of inches knitted on the jaywalker sock I planned for my niece.  Talked to my mother a bit today but it was muddled and confusing.  Still I loved hearing from her.  She's doing pretty well considering and has recovered very well from her stroke.  Haven't talked to my dad in a few days but I will call him tomorrow.  He was going to visit her today so I didn't want to wear him out before that.

Off to fix supper now.  A one skillet thing:  pizza casserole...very simple and easy to fix.  I wanted to clean my room today but the kitchen was screaming more loudly.

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