Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Is it a race to the finish line?

My dad is in the hospital now with problems breathing.  He has had COPD for a couple of decades and the stress of taking care of my mother has exacerbated his illness.  He isn't resting the way he should, isn't eating well and doesn't sleep at night.  Plus he's on the go all the time back and forth from the nursing home to home for a breathing treatment and a quick nap, then back to the nursing home.  He has already said he won't be vented so...

I haven't heard much about Mom's condition beyond that her dementia is getting worse.  She had an episode yesterday when she thought she had lost my niece's daughter, whom she used to baby sit.  My older sister called me this morning to let me know but her schedule is a bit crazy right now with funerals and congregants needing attention so she can't just pick up and go.  My poor younger sister and her daughter (the niece with the daughter Mom thought she lost) are picking up the slack but my younger sister has had a horrendous bout of flu to deal with and only now is feeling like standing up.

Just talked to her and Mom's white count is lower but she didn't know how much lower.  Mom still has the cancer to deal with though.  My dad is feeling a bit better but he also had a problem with his bladder (he has chronic bladder cancer) and needed better catheterization and hourly flushing so he's unable to come home, which is good.  He needs to stay in the hospital.  But knowing how worried he was about the expenses they are racking up, I can't help but feel for him.

Weather here is terrible.  We've had high winds today with snow drifting heavily across the roads.  We saw two accidents on our way and back from town.  A car had flipped on its back in a field and another instance was a semi jacknifed in someone's yard.  I'm a bit concerned because Tom has the truck today which is crap on snow and it's snowing right now.  We had only expected an inch so he took the truck today but with all the blowing there is 3 inches or so across the road in spots.  And they've upped the estimate to 4 inches by tomorrow evening.  I'm staying dressed in case I need to go pick him up.

It's hard to concentrate on knitting right now.  I've been working on the shawl...just garter stitch and yarn overs but even then I've had to rip back a few times.  There's nothing much I can do for my family back there so it's frustrating.  I hadn't thought when I left that I might have been saying good bye to my father as well.

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