Monday, March 4, 2013

Sucks to be sick

This damned cold won't let me sleep.  Neither will the dog.  I cough every few minutes and the gag reflex kicks in and it takes all I can do not to throw up.  I'm not eating a lot because my stomach is upset from all the coughing.  I take cough medicine, cold capsules and echinacea.  And cough drops when the tickle becomes too much to deal with but I'm still coughing every few minutes.

Obviously no knitting going on with this.  I never get the kind of sick where you languish in bed watching tv and knitting but unable to get up and work.  No, I'm the one in bed miserable and not capable of functioning on any level.

Back to bed in just a few.

My mother had a stroke, which was mild but still in her condition it's very serious.  They're going to continue the dialysis for now but we're still on a countdown.  She's just not ready to throw in the towel.  I think my dad is though.  He's not trying to get better.  He's just gasping for breath and watching his feet swell up with fluids.  Bless his heart I don't think he wants to outlive Mom.

The truck started right up.  Obviously just wet from the storm but Tom was concerned that it lagged a bit on the way home.  Makes me nervous about driving it until he finds his cell phone.  Yes, he's lost it.

I'm off to bed.  I hate being sick.


AthertonCA said...

You're going through some tough times on multiple fronts. I'm so sorry to hear it. You're way overdue for some happiness.

Kathy said...

Thanks, AthertonCA. It does feel overwhelming to be constantly under all this stress, but I do know that I have it pretty good compared to some. But thanks for the comfort. :)