Friday, March 9, 2012

A night of sleep

I switched to my cotton sheets last night and slept from 10 to 9 but with several interruptions of sleep, however.  Mostly it was Tom coming home, Professor barking at Hannibal who was sharpening his claws on the ottoman and things of that nature.  I had to get up at 8 a.m. to let Professor out but went right back to sleep.  I was having a dream about being in the band in high school and trying to find my Navy uniforms I needed for it.  They were scattered all over the place and for some reason my old Voyager minivan stopped running and I had to use this homemade scooter of sorts to get there.  Fortunately I woke up before I wore myself out using it.

Where do these dreams come from?

I forgot to put down puppy pads and turn the heat down when I went to bed.  I was afraid to move once I got into bed, that I would lose my sleepiness so I put the tv on timer and went straight to sleep.  The tv was off when Tom got home and I never turned it on again.  I had his tv in the background to get me back to sleep (until Professor started scolding Hannibal) and aside from the barking, went right back to deep sleep.  And I did sleep deeply. 

I got up around 9 a.m., took a shower, made up the couch and even put make up on before I left for the store.  I don't like not having a vehicle though.  I feel caged up.  Not to mention Zach is wanting to put more applications in now that his medical situation is fairly resolved. 

But now I'm worn out again.  Used up all the energy I had.  I have to get some clothes washed and while I thought about hanging them outside since we have warm weather predicted for tomorrow, I'm not sure I have the energy for that.  Plus winter clothes seem to accumulate a lot of lint that can only be taken care of with the dryer.  I've got to sort out my priorities and right now, cooking is more important than hanging clothes out on the line.

Zach went down early, too.  He was in bed by 10:30 and went right to sleep. This is a near-miracle if you know his sleep situation.  He slept straight through until 10 a.m.  Another near-miracle.  I've had him on St. John's Wort for the past 3 days.  He's tried it in the past but never remembered to take it so I've taken up the responsibility for his doses and it's made a huge difference already.  I've also got other conditioning techniques planned for treating his depression, which has lifted considerably since the medical conditions have started to improve.  Unless things change drastically I see no need for him to go on anti-depressants and see a psychiatrist.

We've been taking Prilosec OTC for a month now, hoping to take care of our heartburn-related conditions and I haven't had an antacid in that whole time.  Neither has Zach.  Part of his problem with anemia has been related to inflammation of his digestive tract due to the heartburn so as this problem clears up, his fatigue and depression should also clear up.  As they have so far.  Although he also has an antibody involved in his anemia so it's not all inflammation.  Still, the dr sees no need for further treatment at this time.

I still haven't done any knitting.  I might get to it tonight but the fatigue is still overwhelming me so I don't know if I will just yet.  I might put more of what little I have into things that need to be done.  Knitting will always be there, but we can't run around naked.

Off to start a load of clothes.


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