Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I've decided to live

Apparently last night was the peak of this dastardly cold that has kicked my hind end.  I slept intermittently but woke up dehydrated but feeling better.  A glass of water took care of the dehydration and the sneezing has stopped along with the mucus factory output.  I feel like living again.

I had to take a dvd back to the library today or face that ominous $2 a day penalty and Tom had to go into work early for a meeting so I only had time for the library.  I'll have to do shopping another day.  It's really a big inconvenience to try to get all my errands done before he leaves for work and makes more trips to town because I can't get them all done.  And it will be Sunday before he can possibly look at the truck.  He's discarding my idea to let the truck sit and insure and license the car because it would be cheaper in the long run.  Not for financial reasons, as he claims, because I've already shown him how much money we would save.  But because he loves that truck. 


Zach had hoped to do another round of applications this week now that his medical stuff is nearly all taken care of, but no way to do that.

I have laundry to do today and I should probably find the dining table and floor again.  They are the areas that most often accumulate clutter.  I won't bother with the living/bed room today.  Hardly worth it to make up the couch this late in the day so I'll put my efforts toward laundry, the dining room and the kitchen.  I also want to get busy and dye my Welsh top singles this week, too.  I've changed my mind about Kool-aid because I wouldn't use that much red yarn and decided to use coffee instead.  That color I can use a lot.  Plus I need to scour my Shetland wool and get it ready for carding.  It's pretty warm this week...into the 50sF although I'm not ready to hang anything out on the line yet.  I would have to stand in snow to do it.  It will take a few days for that to disappear.

I haven't knitted in about a week because of this cold.  I also haven't done any drawing either.  But I have done some reading.  Not as much as I would like, but a little, anyway.  Hopefully the sun and warmer weather will give me the impetus I need to start being creative and ambitious.  Although I admit going back to bed sounds good right now.

And it doesn't sound like a bad idea either so I think that's what I'll do.


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