Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Living with debilitating fatigue doesn't feel like living

The cold has moved into my chest so I had a night of interrupted sleep with an abrupt wake up of the emergency alert system on the tv.  Worse than an alarm clock.  So Professor decided it was time to wake up and wanted outside.  I decided to just get up and go to the store because I was awake and needed cough syrup so I could sleep tonight.

I forgot half of what I went for.

I should never go to the store when I don't take my brain along.  So I'm thinking, now that I've slept nearly all day, of just going tonight after Tom gets home so I can stay home tomorrow and try to get some work done here.  I'm not accomplishing anything anymore.

I'm also wondering if all the various medications I take are the cause of this awful fatigue.  I take at least 5 medications that have warnings about driving while taking them.  Makes me wonder how I'm supposed to function if I'm taking meds that make me drowsy.

Plus I discovered a link between statins for cholesterol and diabetes.  Apparently the statins push your body into diabetes.  We had no diabetes in my side of the family and now three of us have it. And all of us are on statins.  Not that I'm going to stop taking my meds.  That would be silly.  But I am going to look into  how to get healthy in spite of this frelling fatigue so I can get off of them.  I just feel like with every new medication I've been put on, I've gained more weight and had more problems with fatigue.  I have no energy to do the things I need to do to lose weight or eat healthier. The fatigue comes with the fibromyalgia but the added fatigue from the meds makes me feel like a zombie sometimes.

Still no knitting.  Just too tired now.  The pain is gone and the cough is annoying but I'm just so tired.  I would love to get my life back some day if I could just figure out how to do it.


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