Friday, March 2, 2012

Definitely still winter

We're in the midst of a winter storm and while it's magnificently beautiful, I do worry about my husband being able to get home tonight.  Especially as he has a quick turnaround tonight and has to go back in after about 4 hours of sleep.  Same thing every Friday night.  I made him take a sleeping bag with him just in case it was too bad to drive home at 1 a.m.

But it is beautiful.  We've already got a couple of inches and it's been snowing about one and a half hours so far.  The snow is supposed to get heavy after 5 p.m.  Whoa!  Not sure what that means as it seems pretty heavy now.

But I checked on the Decorah Eagles and they have no snow so I'm glad about that.

I've chilled out a bit about the truck and came up with an alternative plan for the licensing the car which I hope he will consider, especially since I just got the bill for our gasoline credit card and it's nearly double what it used to be.  Either we stop going anywhere but work or we park the truck for a while.  Can't do both.

I got all the shopping and errands done this morning before Tom had to leave for work.  It had just started a rain/snow mixture as I was leaving to come home and the temperature dropped 3 degrees in the time it took me to get home.  Just enough for the rain to turn into snow.  Within 10 minutes of arriving home, it was snowing.

Zach and I went out and refilled the bird feeder so we don't have to do that in knee deep snow.  At least not yet.  It should be warmer next week so the snow won't stick around long but it will be like this off and on all weekend, which means Tom won't be able to work on the truck at all, as I predicted.  We'll make do, though.  It's not the first time we've gone through this.  Not even the 10th time.

Tonight will be a cozy night of knitting and reading up until around midnight.  Then we will head out to clear the driveway so Tom can get in.  I doubt the snow plow will have been by yet but the driveway is uphill and the less snow on it the easier it is to get into it.  Especially at 1 a.m.

For now, I'm trying to get rid of the return of the cold I thought was gone.  It hit me abruptly this afternoon and now I'm sneezing and stopped up with a wonderful headache that is only now subsiding.  So maybe a nap is in order since I had to get up early to run the errands.


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