Monday, March 19, 2012

Cranky me

Pounding headache from, probably, allergies. Now that the false spring is happening, things are growing again.  And I really believe it's a false spring.  Especially since it's still winter by the calendar and up here, winter sticks around long after the calendar says it's spring.

So I'm cranky because of the headache and cranky because the car hasn't been worked on so I'm facing another week stuck at home.  Tomorrow Zach has labs and Tom has to go in to work early so we've got to rush back home after the labs.  Can't go anywhere else.  Not like I knew he had to go in early when I made the appointment.

Instead of working on the car, he re-shingled the dormer.  To be fair, it needed it badly.  And apparently it worked because we had rain today and it didn't leak at all.  The former owner did all his own construction on this house, converting it from a two bedroom with an attic to a two bedroom with an upstairs.  He turned the front bedroom into a living room. I've turned it back into a bedroom but the dining room, which used to be a living room still is a dining room because he re-did the kitchen and there's no room for a table in there anymore.  Barely room for the fridge.  And I won't even talk about the disaster that is the addition to the kitchen that he built on top of the patio with no foundation at all.  And no insulation.  And is pulling away from the house.  But no, I won't talk about that.

The dormer had dry wall on it that was too heavy for a ceiling not to mention the shingles weren't put on right. I've suggested we take the attic back to bare bones and start over.  The way he has partitioned the upstairs is completely unusable.  He's got the only bedroom up there tiny and without a heating vent (which was in the spacious area he had made into a closet.  Then he made two other tiny closets up there.  Without lighting in them. And they're deep so you can't see what's in the back. Tom likes the idea of taking it back to bare bones but I have to design exactly what I want before he will.  I just don't feel like it today though.

I know the roof took precedence over the car and if this was a rare occasion I wouldn't be so put out about it, but it's not a rare occurrence.  It's getting to be the norm.  

I'm still not knitting. I just can't get my mojo going well enough to do it.  Could be the fatigue just saps all creativity out of me.

Well, I'm trying to fix pork chops because the chili I was going to fix wasn't going to work out because I don't have the hamburger I thought I had. I've got crumbles (fake hamburger) but I really can't stand it so I'm thawing out the pork chops.  After that I'm going to bed.



Rue said...

Sleep well! Spring is playing tricks on us here too - but it will come...soon, I hope!

Kathy said...

Sleep is the big factor for me. I never seem to get enough of it. And today it's already 75 and only noon. First day of Spring, indeed.

knittingdragonflies said...

Oh Goodness, renovations! I agree, sometimes, if not working, start completely over. LOL Guess we learned that from knitting. But this sounds like a lot more work than frogging!
good luck

Kathy said...

At least I don't have to do it. LOL Thankfully it worked. No more leaks.