Friday, April 23, 2010

The recovery process continues.

I'm definitely on the mend. I'm not as weak as I was and the coughing has subsided greatly. Plus the infection seems to be going away so there is no need to visit the dr. Which is a huge relief.

I finished up the baby blanket for Haiti and will take a sabbatical from knitting for our sister church as there are other projects that need to be worked on. I'm nearly halfway done with the front of the vest for Bette and I want to start designing knitted baby clothes to possibly sell in the future.

I'm also learning about rocks and crystals because I want to get into designing jewelry as well. Organic stuff as I'm not really a gold and silver type of person.

I decided on a smaller garden because my seedlings didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped and I'm not sure I've got the stamina for a huge garden. I don't want it to die out because I couldn't take care of it. Plus I got to looking at the back yard and I'd rather make the yard look attractive and keep the garden tucked behind the garage. I can bring the garden up the hill a bit to give me more room so I can keep my clothes line there and the pets can still have the run of the back yard on their leashes. I'm also going to work harder on my prairie garden this summer too with some bushes if I can find some dirt cheap.

My altar guild partner called me this morning to tell me she took care of setting up already because she won't be here this weekend so all I have to do is clean up after service on Sunday. Such a relief as I'm still not 100% yet. Zach and I do plan on loading up the truck with stuff for the rummage sale next weekend though. Then I'll be able to get out the back door again because that's where I've got stuff stashed.

Feeling better but I still need to lie down for a bit and maybe go through patterns to see what I want to tackle next.


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