Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ready to call it a night

It warmed up a bit, enough that I didn't need a jacket today, although  I'm still feeling a bit weak so I went with a fleece sweater.  I had errands today:  library and shopping.  I bought some solar lights for my back yard and a tie out for the pets because I don't want the leash on the clothesline anymore.  In a couple of weeks the garden will get tilled and fenced in so the pets won't need to go in that direction anyway.

We're going to go look at stoves this weekend.  It won't be pretty, I can tell you that since Tom and I have completely different ideas about what we want.  I feel like as long as I'm not buying something we don't need, I should get to choose since I do 95% of the cooking.  But that's just the way I see it.  Still, we always manage to do these things without bloodshed so I guess it will work out.

The seedlings did well overnight in the garden.  I forgot to cover the blueberry bushes and haven't been out to look at them yet but I don't think we got any frost last night.  Not quite warm enough for the seedlings to overnight outside but soon...very soon.  We've got rain predicted for the weekend and early part of next week.  My mind needs sunshine though.  Post-flu depression and all that.

Zach and Tom have it now although Tom seems to be bouncing back quicker than I did.  Zach is about to turn the corner on his as well.  The reinforces how much I need to get back into shape.  I tried to make healthier choices on food this trip.  Follow-through is my weak point though.

I need to get busy on Bette's vest so she can have it by Sunday.  She's getting a bit impatient and I don't blame her.  I don't have that much to go, but I've been falling into bed at night with no energy to knit at all.  Or read.  Or draw.  Nothing but lie there and doze on and off until I finally just stay asleep.  Tonight I will force myself to knit until I can't anymore.

I'm not cooking tonight so I think I might just crawl into bed now and take a short nap so I can stay up past 8 p.m.  After I put the seedlings back in the garage.


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