Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A bit nippy out there

I think little by little I'm getting my strength back although I was only able to mow the back yard today. I still have the side yard and under the apple tree at the very back of the yard. I plan on making myself a little sanctuary back there, with my rocks and some new lawn chairs and the Weber fire pit thingie I've made up. Twinkle lights would be good, too, but there are solar lights on sale at StuffMart for only $3 so I think I'm going to get those. It's shady up there and sort of private so I can have a place to think and reflect and read...maybe even knit. I've got tiki torches I can use for the mosquitoes so it should be a good place for me when I get it done.

Getting those rocks up there will be an ordeal though. They're all very, very heavy.

I pushed myself to finish up the back yard but by the time I was able to turn off the mower, my hands were throbbing and my hips were locked up or something. I could barely walk into the house. I'm so terribly out of shape. I've got to fix that.

I've been getting some stuff together to take to church this week for our rummage sale. I'd like to take the encyclopedias but they're upstairs and I just don't think I can make that many trips up and downstairs to get them out to the truck. Maybe next year. I do have some things in the basement that I plan on loading up tomorrow though.

I've got the seedlings in the garage for now. I had them out in the sun today and they look much better. I lost a lot of tomato plants but the pepper plants are holding up. And I still have many tobacco plants that will hopefully transplant well. There is a frost advisory tonight but I figure the seedlings will do okay in the garage. I just wonder about my blueberry bushes though. I watered them today but they'll still be pretty moist and with temps at freezing, I hope they don't die. I'm not sure what to do about it. I have two buckets I could upend over them but that leaves two uncovered. I'll try to come up with something.

Zach's not feeling well at all today and Tom sounded horrible when he left for work. I've got the greatest empathy for both of them, having gone through all this last week. I hope they feel better soon. I'll take over Zach's chores today as he's mostly down for the count.

Supper is cooking and requires my attention so I'm off to get things done.


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