Monday, April 26, 2010

At least it's sunny today

Didn't make it to church yesterday because I was up all usual. I was stressed out because I had altar guild and had to make it there, so of course, I didn't. Someone else took care of clean up so that was a good thing. I've done for others enough times I shouldn't feel bad about it, but I do anyway.

Zach had an eye appointment today to get new glasses. Tom is next but I'm going to wait until fall, I think. Mine are the most expensive, darn it.

We mowed a bit of the lawn today but my heart was racing and felt like it was going to burst through my chest wall and I was gasping for air so I decided to finish up tomorrow. Zach tried to help but he's got the flu and was coughing and hacking while mowing so I sent him into the house. He did quite a bit before he would agree to quit though. Still...lots to go.

I'm going to move the seedlings outside tomorrow. I'll cover them up at night but they should be okay out there from now on. I'll keep an eye on the temps lest there be frosts or something like that. I need to clean house in a most desperate way but I'm still a bit weak so I'm just going to get done what I can. I've got to load up the truck for the church rummage sale this weekend. I'm going to be relentless, at least with my stuff. I wouldn't ever give anyone else's stuff away without their permission. My ex did that to me twice and there are things lost that I can never get back.

Off to go lie down because my head hurts and I'm fighting sleep.


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