Monday, April 12, 2010

Let me just curl up in bed for a week.

Oh, crap! I think I'm coming down with something. I've had a low-grade fever off and on all day, my head is pounding, like a sick headache, not like an allergy or stress headache, and I feel more achy than usual. And I'm a bit nauseous. I suspect this is a bit more than my imagination because Zach has the same symptoms (and no, I didn't mention mine to him first...that would be cheating.)

I want to stay in bed tomorrow but the roofers are coming over to give us an estimate and the house is a wreck. I have to get up early to clean up a bit because I'm feeling too bad tonight to do it.

We did watch Monsters versus Aliens on OnDemand tonight and had a good giggle in between groaning and whining.

And we worked on Zach's taxes. He gets a whole $12 back but none from the state. So we didn't file state taxes since he made so little money. We had that option. Otherwise they wanted us to pay $30.00 to file state taxes he's not getting any money back from. I do have the website for filing state taxes free but it's not worth it. I've got no energy left and since he doesn't have to, we won't.

Ours came back with a need for fixing and we ended up with more money so that's a good thing. But don't use H & R Block software. So not worth the money. Use TurboTax, which is free and your state site, which is also free. (Not TurboTax state though...that's expensive.)

I'm off to bed to see if my stomach will settle down. I'm also going to take a tramadol earlier than I normally do to get a jump on the pain. I took some ibuprofen for the headache but not much good has happened there yet. Hopefully the tramadol will help with the headache as well as the body aches.



Lulu said...

hope you feel better soon..

Kathy said...

Thanks. I'm getting there but it's just taking so darned long.