Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stupid me

I got the yarn in yesterday and I ordered the wrong brand of pink bamboo so I ordered the right brand today.  It will be in by Friday or Monday, most likely but I do have the brown to work on for now so it's not a problem but I'm now looking at not even getting my money back on yarn because I can't blame anyone but myself.  I was tired, it was late at night and my mind wasn't where it should have been but I've still got to blame me and only me.  I can still use the yarn in some other project but it would have been nice not to have made so many mistakes in knitting these socks.

Got word yesterday that my mother is having problems with her legs.  She says they won't do what she tells them to so the dr is suggesting she see a neurologist but in the meantime, my younger sister is being worn down with having to take care of my mother when she goes down because my octogenarian father can't do it himself.  My niece and nephew suggested it might be time for assisted-living.  I think they're right.  My older sister and I are many miles away and while I can't go down there due to financial problems, my older sister is a minister and can't just leave.  Nor can we get there as soon as S. needs us to.  I know my parents would hate to give up their independence but how independent are they if someone has to take care of them frequently.  It's not like they would be in a nursing home...they would have their own apartment.  It's just someone would be there 24/7 for assistance.  I'm thinking they won't go for the option though.  I just know I can't help out.  My family up here has to take priority.

I've got the heel turned on the brown sock.  I was supposed to take pictures today but I had shopping to do and with the change in weather, my fibromyalgia has flared up so badly that I'm going to take a pain pill, leave a can of beef stew on the counter for Tom's supper, and go to bed.  I'll knit when the pain in my arms lets up a bit but even typing is hurting and I'm taking frequent breaks just typing this up.

So...I will leave it here and get into my jammies and hop into bed.



Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Sorry to hear about your mother ... I don't know why people are so reluctant to go into assisted living, though I suspect I will understand when the time comes for me, supposing I'm lucky enough to live that long!

My grandparents were in a wardened flat and as far as I know never regretted the decision to move there. In fact, as I recall, Nan became great friends with the lady next door!

Kathy said...

Unfortunately, assisted living is too expensive for them so my mother is going to a nursing home next week. She's angry and bitter about it but requires care around the clock and can't get that at home. It's breaking my heart but there is no other solution. I hope she settles in and decides to enjoy it. I worked in nursing homes many years ago and some residents adapted and made progress. Those that didn't, generally declined quite quickly. I hope she adapts.

Thanks for your concerns. I appreciate you commenting. :)