Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cooling off

In more ways than one.  The temperature plummeted last night and it's bitterly cold out there.  Zach had gone out and shoveled, with the neighbors on either side helping with their snow blowers but the wind picked up and the sidewalk got covered a bit again.  Still, I'm not sending him out there just yet.  The wind chills are about minus 15 or so.  And the sidewalks aren't that bad.  The driveway is clear enough for the car and our neighbor got out there earlier to get rid of the barrier the snow plow left us.  If the wind dies down later, I'll send him out.

I also had to cool down because of family issues, that I won't go into in detail.  It's frustrating that family members won't accept that I'm an adult and can make my own decisions and that those decisions are based on need and logic.  I know it's hard to understand someone else's circumstances when you've never had to live through them.  Some of my family don't think anything of spending money to do things.  We don't have that luxury.  Every penny counts and we are in dire straits now, with some of our few luxuries probably going away in the next month or so.  We've already cut most of them out.  But it's not like we ever lived lavishly.  We've always had to use thrift and sacrifice.  Some members of my family don't understand just how close to poverty we live on a daily basis. 

And one member decided we should just relocate to where there are better jobs.  Because it's that easy to just sell your house for enough to cover your mortgage, pick up and find another job when you're years from retirement.  It's always easy to plan someone else's life for them when you don't have to endure the consequences.

I couldn't post yesterday because I was too angry.  I hate it when family tries to manipulate me to do something they have decided I should do.  I know what the consequences of my decisions are and it's just a fact of life that this is my only option. 

But I can't let myself get dragged down there again so...

I'm at the toe of the brown sock.  I had to redo the foot a bit as it was too short initially.  Supposedly the toe is around 2 inches long but it's never the case for me and I have no idea how anyone else gets a 2 inch toe either.  So I had to tink back and reknit.  I think it's going to be fine this time.  I'll measure it before I graft the toe.  Which is what I should have done with the pink sock.  I looked at it last night and thought it looked a little long.  I tried it on and it was too long for my big foot so I'll need to rip it back and re-knit the toe on that.  Fortunately I won't need more yarn for that...just less.  I keep making mistakes on these socks that I don't normally make.  I think stress affects my concentration. 

I had filled the bird feeders before the snow but it looks like they need to be refilled again.  Tomorrow maybe.  I know it will be just as cold tomorrow but I've got laundry and a kitchen to clean today.  I noticed a group of mourning doves out there this afternoon.  They couldn't get to the feeders but I had spilled a bunch of bird seed when I filled them so they were pecking on the ground.  There were 5 of them.  I had never noticed doves in the backyard before.  Last week we had huge crows out there eating the fat from the deer Tom shot.  We had saved it for the birds and put it out there recently.  I love watching the birds.

But now I need to get busy with laundry and try to clean the kitchen.  It's gotten away from me again and there is a huge pile of clutter in front of the pantry of things that don't fit in there.  I need to find a place for them.

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