Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm still knitting socks.

I was fending off a sinus infection today...or the beginnings of one.  I apparently won this round.  It will be back though.  So I didn't get a lot done today aside from swapping the bookcase under the south window for the rack so I can start my seedlings soon.  I have some herbs on my new shelf in the kitchen but not enough room for all the things for my garden.  Fortunately the seeds are in at StuffMart so I was able to get more herb seeds.  I still have no idea what happened to my huge bag of seeds.  I'd hate to have to pay out for all those again.

I'm nearly done with the sock.  I can't knit throughout the day on it because using those small needles hurts my hands after a while.  I do get about 5 hours a day on them but I'm not a fast knitter so it's going to be a while before they're done.  They do look good though.  I went to check my order for the extra yarn only to discover I didn't actually finish ordering it.  I got the last stage and quit apparently.  So they are on order now.  I wondered why I didn't get a confirmation email.

I might get busy on some art stuff next week now that my art supplies are a little more organized.  I miss it.  I'm also looking at some sculpting as well.  Never done it before but I've got some clay I can work with.  I've been watching a painting show on PBS that isn't Bob Ross and have learned a lot from the guy.  Can't think of his name but he's really good.  And it takes about 6 episodes to finish a painting.  Lots of information there.

But for now supper is over and I need to clean up the kitchen, take some stuff down to the basement, put the wash in the dryer and then find a place for all my knitted baby things I took off the rack.  Probably put them in a bag and stuff them in my closet.  I'll have some ready for next winter to donate.  Just not enough to bother with now.  Plus it's almost February.  Not a lot of winter left.

So off to finish up my chores and then to bed.


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