Thursday, January 3, 2013

Socks and mitts

Pretty much all I'm doing these days.  My aunt contacted me to knit some socks for her granddaughter so I've been looking for some yarn.  I found some at WEBS...bamboo sock yarn for $7.29 a 100g skein.  Pretty colors, too, so I ordered 3 skeins.  Two for the granddaughter and one for my mother.  I knit her a pair every year.  I picked up some books from the library today but I think I'll probably go with either something I already have in print or something off the internet. 

I do need to get back to finishing up the blankets I've started...such as my granddaughter's blanket and the Greek Key blanket for Zach.  I'm awful at actually finishing things.  Plus I have a sweater to finish up as well.  It's been on the needles well over a year.  I might just frog it and start over with something else.

I'm so tired of the snow.  It's not been as bitterly cold as we've known in the past so the gas/electric bill was only  $112 for last month.  Way lower than any December bill we've ever had.  So I upped the temps by 2 degrees.  It's pretty comfortable now at 60F.  Still, with our paycheck going down due to tax increases, I probably shouldn't. 

Zach is under the weather with a cold or something.  I'm not feeling well myself but it's probably more depression than anything viral.  I'm not a fan of the holidays.  I wish I could be but they are extremely stressful times and just another reminder of how little money we have. 

I ordered American Horror Story and Farscape: Peacekeepers' Wars from and am waiting for them.  AHS is already in town and will be delivered tomorrow but F:PW hasn't shipped yet.  A bit annoyed but the price is so low I shouldn't complain.  It's the last of the purchases until much later in the year.  We have to be absolutely frugal from now on.  At least we have an amazing library so I don't have to worry about getting to watch things I want to if I'm willing to wait in line for them.

So...I'm off to watch some more Farscape: season 3 and knit on mitts some more.  Then maybe finish up Zach's socks.  I wish I could find the baby blanket pattern I was working on.  I should never organize my room, ever again.



knittingdragonflies said...

Knitting and TV go well together, getting caught up reading. See you have had snow, and since the world didn't end, I'll guess I'll try and figure out the durn sweater pattern I'm working on *grin*
Take care

Kathy said...

Yeah, I did notice the world didn't end. I think it's getting to be an annual thing though. LOL

I have a hard time watching tv without knitting anymore. I found a hat I'd forgotten I was working on and am so near the end I think I will finish it up tonight. Then finish up my son's socks and work on other WIPs until the sock yarn gets here. Hasn't shipped yet so...