Monday, January 28, 2013

Making the cuts

I finished up one pink sock and started a brown one, different pattern.  More of a sculptured pattern than the lace and faux cable I used with the pink sock.  I'm waiting for my supplemental yarn to appear so I don't have to weave in any ends in the middle of the sock.  Just start fresh with a new skein.  It should be here by Wednesday, by which time I should have the brown sock done.  I'm using Fawke's pattern, which is no longer available online.  Might be if you use the wayback machine but I already had it printed out.  I had a couple of other Harry Potter-inspired patterns printed out, too, but I'm not sure where they are.  I'm so unorganized with my patterns.

I'm at the heel flap now, which is the fun part of socks for me.  I never use the heel of the pattern...just use the one I learned on.  It's easy, sturdy and fun.

After looking at Tom's paycheck, we're going to have to dig deep to make cuts.  Without overtime, we're looking at $400 a month less.  I've got the grocery bill down a bit but I have to cut even further.  I called and canceled the upper channels of cable but got a deal for the upper digital channels, which Tom loves and I rather like them myself.  The science, history and documentary channels are his favorites.  So we got to keep that for only $10.  And we kept the dvr boxes.  If it comes to it, we'll get rid of those and use the cable boxes, which would be cheaper but I use the dvr a lot and so does Zach.

But if it's a choice between eating and having the dvr's a no brainer.

Definitely no more purchases of yarn, books or any other luxuries.  We have a fantastic library so that's not a problem and I have plenty of yarn to work with.  Enough for more than a year or so.  And hopefully Zach can find work soon.  He's going to put in applications again this week and look at volunteering at the local library.  We never use that one because it's not as big as the one in Beaver Dam and they're not open nearly as much.  Weird hours.  Sometimes only 8 hours a day.  But volunteering will help him form some people skills and maybe make some connections.

I'm not feeling well today.  Didn't get much sleep at all last night and am having an anxiety attack today.  I hate them but there is nothing I can do since all the medication for them conflicts with my pain meds.  I can take valerian and that helps sometimes but as tired as I am, I'd go right to sleep if I took that.  And I need to get supper fixed and laundry done.  I don't have the energy to clean today so I'm not even going to try but it's not so bad because we kept up with it over the weekend.

For now, off to my room to knit some.  I'd rather read but that would put me to sleep as well.  Or maybe I should just give in and take a long nap.  Because being this sleepy is making me miserable.

Still, I feel good about cutting some out of our monthly expenses.  Every little bit helps.


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