Monday, January 21, 2013

Nothing but socks

I had to order more sock yarn in all three colors because the bamboo yarn is not only a bit sturdier, it's less yardage.  I tried my best to make it work but it just won't.  I'm using size 0 dpns, which is pretty fun but is wearing a worn spot on my finger.  Still, the yarn is great, not splitty at all and the stitch definition is beautiful.  I just won't be making anything on the socks.  But I am getting a pair for my mother which I wouldn't have done if I hadn't been ordering the yarn anyway. 

I've been sleeping pretty well until last night and then just couldn't stay asleep.  Probably because of the impending cold spell.  We had furious winds Saturday night that kept me up most of the night but I slept late so I was fine.  Gusts of nearly 55 mph.  I worried about the window beside the bed being blown in.  I think it ended up ripping the plastic off the tape.  I didn't check.  I know I should but I don't want to open that curtain right now with temps around 0 and wind chill in the minus 20s.  Winter has finally arrived. 

And I'm ready for a heat wave.

I finished up the Farscape marathon, watched some stuff on dvr and now am working my way through American Horror Story, season 1.  I love it!  I'm alternating with the two seasons, as I have Asylum on my dvr.  I got in a Stargate mood and am going through season 1 to give myself a break from the AHS seasons.  They are pretty intense, after all.

I've got Once Upon a Time on order from the library.  I'll be done with AHS by then, I'm sure.  It may take a month or so to get that one.

Tom is no longer foreman at work.  They did away with his job and are training him to run a tube laser.  It's a mixed bag.  Shorter hours, although he's lead man, which means basically doing the same job for less pay AND having another job to do at the same time.  But any overtime he'll get paid for so if he goes back to those 70 hour weeks, we'll feel it.  It's been extremely stressful here, wondering how to survive on even less money.  I'm so tired of watching the pay check go down instead of up.

I need to crunch the numbers tomorrow and we might get rid of the upper cable channels.  I don't mind getting rid of the movie channels but I would hate to lose the science channels.  Tom loves those.  Still...we've got to cut somewhere.  It may not even be cheaper to cut them out because of their package deals.  We'll just have to see about that. 

I've cut back on groceries and turned the heat down to around 55 during the day, 50 at night.  I just bundle up more and if it's too cold, I grab a hot water bottle and hold it for a while.  That warms me up.  It may seem silly to hang onto cable and do without more heat but we live in a very rural area and don't normally need a/c in the summer so it's just a few months we have to worry about the cost of the utilities.  And so far we've barely gotten over $100.  Cutting out $30 of the cable bill won't give us that much more heat.  We're also not going to the store as much anymore so we've saved on gas as well.

I'm sure it will all work out and if we have to do away with cable, we'll survive.  But for now, it's just a bit uncomfortable, but not miserable, to have less heat.  Tom and Zach have heaters in their rooms so they can take the chill off of their rooms without running the furnace all the time.  I do just fine after supper when I curl up in bed and knit.  I really don't need more heat for that.

Time to finish up supper so I can get back to knitting.


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