Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It's very, very cold today and I'm not looking forward to sitting in the car waiting for Zach tonight. I may take my stuff inside and wait for him in the warmth. Maybe not so much knitting but some reading at least. The wind chill is about -28 today.

I've got to learn to take better pictures. Or at least take more time setting them up. They look good on the camera but when I transfer them to the computer they get all dark and the colors don't show up.

This is the sock from the yarn I won from Angie's contest. One sock done and the other barely started. I'm sending these to my baby sister. Since my older sister gets the sabbatical socks, I don't want Stephanie to feel left out.

And Mom has hinted that she wouldn't mind getting a pair so I'll have to look into starting some for her. She likes the heavy weight socks so I'll have to make a trip to the LYS to find some superwash wool for her.

I've not been on the computer much lately. Zach's school takes up more time than last year, it seems. Or I seem to be in the car more. It's mostly during the day this semester, thank goodness but at least I'm not sitting in the dark trying to knit or read by streetlight. Except for one night a week.

I'm battling a lot of fatigue and pain lately from a combination of fibromyalgia, arthritis and me falling down more than is good for me. I've managed to stay on my feet for a whole week now so I'm thinking that's some kind of record for me of late. The pain is manageable with tramadol and tylenol but the fatigue is not something I can treat except with lots of rest. But I feel guilty when I'm not getting real work done on the house or looking for a job. And the guilt adds to my stress level which makes the fatigue worse. Fortunately I'm sleeping really well these days without the sword of Damocles hanging over my head every moment.

The swelling is still there on my knee and the bruising is starting to come to the surface but I can touch my knee now without nausea and tears. Only the skin has no feeling in it. I'm sure that will come back.

I have a few projects going on. I'm Knitting4Lent with a few other members from church, including the priest. If you're on Ravelry there's a group for them. I'm just doing it with our church and not participating so much with anyone online. I don't particularly like the hat pattern from the site but it's easy and mindless and I can use lots of my stash yarn that I want to get rid of. Boy, that sounds bad, doesn't it? It's good yarn for hats and such but not so much for sweaters and anything like that. Having been a sailor myself, I have a soft spot for mariners so I like the charity and I needed something for my lenten discipline. Although I do have some more spiritual exercises in mind as well.

I can't believe Ash Wednesday is almost upon us. This is my favorite time of the church calendar. And it's my second Lenten season in the Episcopal church. I'm so happy where I am. Finally.

I haven't done much with the cabled sweater but I need to get back to it. Batteries died in the camera or I would take a picture of the slippers I knitted up for Zach. Maybe tomorrow.

Off to bundle up under a blanket, knit and watch Midsomer Murders.



Kay said...

I like the socks. What yarn is it? Even though you didn't think the camera did a good job, I think the colors are really nice.

Angie said...

The sock looks GREAT! :D I hope you are staying warm. I am definitely ready for Spring. We have to work on coordinating a get together! It may be better for me to meet you (in Beaver Dam?) on my way home rather than for lunch during the week since we would have more time. Plus my work schedule hasn't been so cooperative lately. Have a great weekend.