Friday, January 11, 2008

Frogging on Friday

I shouldn't have gotten out of bed today.

Yesterday, while searching diligently for all my UFOs (and finding only some of them) I located a dishcloth shawl I've been knitting off and on so I decided to keep it by the computer and add to it while reading blogs and the news and such. Today I spread it out a bit to see how big it was and found two huge holes in it where I missed a couple of stitches.

So I frogged, which wasn't easy because it was Red Heart Symphony, which has mohair-like consistency. It didn't want to be frogged.

Then I looked at the Hibito sweater and really didn't like the way the diagonal stitches were working up so I got the measuring tape out and it was way off gauge.

It got frogged.

I went to the library to return some stuff and as I was pulling in the driveway Zach came out and told me the library called and I was missing the last dvd in Stargate Sg-1, season 8. Yep...still in the dvd player.

I would have frogged that if I could have.

Why is it, whenever I double check, the dvd is always in the case, but if I forget it just once, it's not there?

It's the car key fairies, I tell you.

I did manage a nap today without an interruptions. That rarely happens. If Professor doesn't start barking at a squirrel or the dog across the street, a telemarketer will call (in spite of being on the no-call list.)

God bless him, Zach took the phone into his bedroom today when he saw I was napping.

What would be ideal though is to actually sleep at night. Now that would be great.

I'm going meatless for a while. I don't know how long it will last but I've got to keep trying. Something has to give or I'm going to be back where I started. On Demand doesn't have Tai Chi anymore but they have some dvds at the library. And I've got a ton of tapes and dvds that have different exercise types. I just have to actually use them.

Not much knitting today. I started the supersocke last night and felt like I was in the presence of something wonderful. I love the feel of the yarn. I may have to spread this out so I can savor it. Maybe a few rounds a day.

Nah...I'll probably whip through this like a woman possessed.

Off to knit and maybe go to bed early tonight. To tell the truth, I'm ready now.



Kay said...

Sounds like you've had an *interesting* day.

Have you seen the vegetarian recipe on knitspot? Looks fab!

Angie said...

Despite it being one of those days, your frogging is actually progress. I hope your sleep is sound and long this evening.