Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lots of cooking, catching up

I've been pretty busy lately, catching up on the cleaning, although slowly since I'm not supposed to do general housework yet, and a lot of cooking, which I am allowed to do.  I'm eating vegetarian now and the guys aren't so I'm cooking two meals.  Because of the low sodium restrictions, nearly everything has to be cooked from scratch, including tomato sauces and such.  I'm trying to get a bunch of stuff made up ahead of time so I don't have to cook as much but it involves a lot of cooking in the meantime.  I've been in the kitchen since around 1 today and I still haven't gotten supper done yet.  In fact, just started.  It's chicken and dumplings for the guys and I'm working on a tomato sauce so I can fix some Italian or chili or something.  It's a pain but necessary.  The guys haven't been eating very well lately and Zach needs to lose weight, too, so I've got to make sure their meals are healthy as well. 

I've lost 10 pounds since the angioplasty but only 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks.  I have no idea why but I'm not eating that much.  Only about 1200 calories a day, plus 40 minutes of exercise a day.  I don't know what else I have to do but it's extremely frustrating.

I've gotten some knitting done but not a lot because I've been so busy and because I go to bed around 10 every night.  I don't know why I go to bed so early but I get sleepy then so I shut the lights off and go to sleep.  I've been getting up around 7 although today I slept until 8:30.  But the dog got me up several times last night so he could go sit on the porch for a while.  So frustrating.

Hopefully I'll catch up with the house soon and be able to spend less time cooking and then I'll spend more time knitting.  I'd like to get Zach's sweater done before Fall so I can start one for Stephen.  He's in Montana now and needs warm clothes to wear.  Plus I like knitting sweaters.  I'll knit him up some mittens, too, and maybe a hat.

Well, supper needs my attention now so I'm off to get some more work done.


Anne said...

Don't the medical people say it is safest to lose no more than a pound and a half to two pounds of weight a week? Seems to me you are doing really well.

Remember...the Grand Canyon didn't start out as a honkin big hole in the ground. :) You will reach your goal.

Kathy said...

LOL, Anne. I will think about the Grand Canyon now every time I weigh myself.

You're right that they only want me to lose a pound a week. Although the cardiologist thinks I should lose 14 pounds by September 1st. The nurses just shook their heads and said, "No!" :)

Still, I shouldn't complain. I am losing, after all. It will just take a long time to lose 100 pounds. But I will lose it.