Wednesday, July 24, 2013

As I continue to get better

Had my 10th session of cardiac rehab today and am doing fabulously.  I'll be done the end of September, which is great.  I hope I lose another pound or two by then.  Sheesh.  What will it take.  I gained another 2 ounces yesterday.  On 1100 calories.

Not knitting as much as I should be because I've got a huge stack of books from the library.  Everything comes in at once apparently.  Still, I'm alternating on Zach's sweater and the feather and fan afghan.  They have done away with the yarn I'm using at StuffMart so I hope JoAnn's still has some.  If not, I'll switch to Super Saver.  There will be some difference but as I'm not selling it or anything, it won't be a huge deal.

I should get back to the purple socks I'm knitting for my older sister.  Just not in the mood for little yarn right now.  I will be again...soon, I'm sure. 

Right now I just want a nap.  I've been getting up around 7 a.m. which is fine when I get to bed early but last night I got woke up around 11 (I went to sleep around 9:20) and couldn't get back to sleep for a couple of hours.  Still woke up an hour and a half before the alarm so I'm dragging.

I have a dr appointment on Friday with the cardiologist.  My rehab has been rescheduled for 1 p.m. so I'll grab a bite to eat from Subway, probably, drive back to Waupan and sit around reading until it's time.  No point driving all the way home.  I would just have to turn around and come back by then.  I'm the only one scheduled for that afternoon so it should be pretty quiet then.

Little by little I'm making progress on the house.  The kitchen is staying clean now that I'm not using the dishwasher anymore.  I'm thinking of storing food in there as the "pantry" is overflowing.  It's just two racks in a cubby that the refrigerator used to be in so there's not order to it.  It would be so much easier to grab the stuff out of the dishwasher.  I'd really rather have the cabinet space rather than the dishwasher.  I have to keep the dishes and glasses/cups in the hutch in the dining room.  It's huge and heavy and takes up a lot of room that I need so we aren't so crowded in here.

Well, time to get ready to take some stuff to Goodwill.  It's nice and cool today.  Not even 70 degrees yet so it's a good day to run errands.


Anne said...

This is all such good news. "Little by little" sounds good to when you need to.

Kathy said...

Thanks. I'm good with doing things slowly. I'd even be happy if I were losing weight slowly, but not losing weight at all is driving me nuts. LOL