Friday, July 5, 2013

Cardiac rehab...great!

Today was my first full day of cardiac rehab and they really put me through my paces!  I was on 4 machines while they monitored my heart and bp.  I'm cleared for light housework and 15 minutes of exercise a day at home as long as my heart rate stays around 100 beats per minute. I've already been doing light housework but it's good to know I can do it legitimately now.

My yarn stash is growing smaller.  Or it was until the other day when I bought more yarn.  But just to add to some already stashed yarn so I can knit Zach a sweater for this winter.  I decided to go ahead and buy it while they still had the yarn there.  He hasn't decided on a pattern yet and I have a baby sweater to knit first anyway since the shower is the beginning of next month.  I should get started on it...soon.

I'm nearly done with the afghan I've been working on and have used up all but 2 skeins of the yarn I set aside for it.  I can knit up a scarf and hat out of the rest of it.  I have a little girl's sweater to finish up and the socks for my older sister.  I've been saving up the socks for miserably hot days when I can't knit anything that will make me hotter but so far the days haven't been miserable.  Until today.  It's pretty warm today so I might nit on the socks today.  Or start the baby boy sweater.  That won't be too warm to work on.

I would like to start some more herbs for my kitchen.  It's just a matter of doing it since I have everything I need to get them started.  I'm using picnic cups because we have them in abundance from last year's family picnic.  I've got some stones to put in the bottom to weigh them down.  I just don't want to buy more pots.

We bought Zach a new mattress and box spring set.  Another one of those expenses that just keep piling up but he really has needed them for a couple of years.  We have a piece of plywood between his set right now because the bottom mattress/box spring combo is sagging terribly and his was sleeping so badly on it.  I hope this makes the difference so he can get some good sleep at night.  It will be here around the beginning of the week so he has the weekend to clean up his room.

The medical bills have been coming in and they take my breath away...even just our portion of them.  I'm guessing we've reached the deductible by now but the 20% is murdering our finances.  And the past week Tom wasn't able to get any overtime so that paycheck is going to really hurt us since we can't meet the bills on his regular paycheck.  But when you work in a place that won't allow unions, what do you expect but pay cuts whenever they feel like it.

Still, at least we have the insurance. 

I have a few errands to run today then home for marathon knitting sessions.  I'm dvr-ing The Walking Dead and it will fill up my inventory unless I keep up with it a bit.  I've seen the first season but lost track of it and missed the second season.  Never caught up.  I'm nearly caught up with Doctor Who.  Mostly I just watch that now and then so I can savor it and not be without it for long periods of time.  I do love the Doctor in all his regenerations.

Plus I got a new series from the library this week.  Judge John Deed.  I love Martin Shaw so I hope I like this one.  Love him in Inspector George Gently.  Love Lee Ingleby, too. 

Well, need to get moving so I can crawl into bed and get some knitting done.  I'm going to need to put my hair in a pony tail next cardiac rehab session because it was wet when I got done.  Plus I think shorts will be the better option.  One of my problems today was my pants were getting too big and the heart monitor kept coming unclipped from my waistband.


Anonymous said...

Wow...wonderful that you are doing so well. Do the things you like to is the time to take care of yourself.

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