Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hot, hot, hot!

Another heat wave with near-record temperatures.  I hate having to use the a/c because of the cost but with my congestive heart failure, I'm supposed to avoid the heat as much as possible.  Especially until I get some improvement in my health with weight loss and exercise.  I seem to be stuck at this particular weight.  It's been 3 weeks and the scale has moved only briefly and then back to this weight.  I'm still counting every calorie and milligram of sodium, every ounce of fluid that I drink and I exercise every day.  Nothing is happening.  I don't get it.

I haven't done a lot of knitting the past couple of days.  I did do some ripping back on the sweater as I made a mistake several rows back...I un-knit it stitch by stitch because I didn't want to drop any stitches and have to tink back any further.  That took 2 nights to accomplish but I'm finally back where I was before I discovered the mistake.  I may work on socks today because the sweater is now long enough to rest on my legs while knitting and that is much too warm.

I should get back to the socks anyway.  Or the little girl's sweater. 

I've been getting up early because of rehab but on the days I don't have it I just get up anyway so I'm not off on my sleeping...which is getting better and better.  I haven't slept this well since before Zach was born.  I got some laundry done this morning and cleaned up the kitchen so I could get that done before the heat gets bad.  I've got the kitchen shut off with curtains and that helps a lot.  I can't cool off the kitchen as well as the dining room.  At night I close off the dining room as well so I'm only cooling the bedroom.  No reason to cool it off in there when Tom isn't home.

The yard needs mowing badly.  Couldn't do it last weekend because the neighbor partied all night long outside so Zach didn't get any sleep at all.  And I mean all night.  It was 5 a.m. before they quit and as they're 10 feet away from his bedroom window, it wasn't happening.  I didn't go out to ask them to quiet down because Tom was gone all weekend and I've had some suspicious stuff happen after their parties before.  Like someone opening my car door and turning my lights on.  Someone opening my car door and leaving it open.  Stuff like that.  I didn't want anything funny happening with Tom gone.  Even though the car doors were locked I didn't want to find broken taillights or anything else like that.  Tom suspects the guy has connections with the police because they consistently park beside the fire hydrant outside but the police never ticket them.  So calling the police on their party might not have been the wisest thing.

So I told him not to bother with mowing but with this heat wave, he can't mow in that either.  It's already in the high 80s and it's not even 10 a.m. yet.  It was 85 last night when I went to bed so it's not cooling down enough at night for me to use the window fans.

My computer monitor bit the dust yesterday so I'm using Zach's monitor since his computer bit the dust a month ago.  Everything seems to be falling apart.  Even the dishwasher isn't cleaning the dishes very well so I'm washing by hand, which seems to keep the kitchen cleaner.  And the washer is leaking at the hoses somewhere.  Tom will get to that but not until the weekend and I'm way behind on laundry so I have to use it as is.

I won't even mention the house needs painting and we need to do some landscaping.  I have a dead cherry tree and the weeds around my roses are taller than the roses.  Zach is color blind and can't see the difference between flowers and grass so he can't weed for me.  I just haven't been allowed to work outside yet so...

Well, I think I'll go in the bedroom and read a bit.  Then some knitting and maybe puttering around in the dining room to get it clean.  If I take it slow and rest often I can get the house cleaned up.  At least I can bring the laundry up from the basement  now.  Can't carry the wet clothes out to hang on the line but I can carry the dry ones.

And that's a big thing for me.

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