Friday, July 19, 2013

Cooler weather on the way

It's still hot although cooler weather is on the way.  I heard some drops of rain out there just a few minutes ago but they stopped already.  More should come later and cool off the air enough to shut off the a/c.  I did try this morning because there was a nice breeze out there but by the time I got home from rehab, it was in the 90s and the wind was hot.  So I turned the a/c back on but shut the curtains to the bedroom to try to contain the cool air.  Professor had been in Zach's room because it was too hot for him out here.

I started another afghan last night.  Why on earth did I start an afghan in a heat wave?  No idea but it's a feather and fan afghan in red, black and white.  I will probably need a bit more so I checked out StuffMart but they are in the process of rearranging their yarn so nothing was out.  I think JoAnn's has some so I'm not sweating it.  I can use another brand if I need to.  Super Saver yarn is very similar to what I'm using now.

I love feather and fan so I think I'm going to use up a bunch of the Super Saver yarn I've got around the house.  I've got some pastel colors that would go well together.

But I do need to get back to the socks and the little girl's sweater before I forget where the patterns are.  I've done that many times.  More than I would like to remember.

Next week Zach and I are going to tackle the dining room and set aside some crafting areas for working on various things, like drawing, painting, sculpting and any other crafts I can think of.  He's also going to set up his desk for a crafting place as well.  I'm welcome to use it so I might since he has a/c in there.

I also want to get busy doing more cooking from scratch.  I'm able to eat more foods if I cook them myself so I'd like to eat more food.  This diet isn't any fun especially as I'm not losing any weight at all.  Which I don't get since I'm not cheating and eating less than 1300 calories each day.  And exercising.

This sucks.

I'm fixing supper for the guys right now.  Just grilled cheese and onion rings and a veg.  It's still a bit too hot to cook although the kitchen isn't as bad as it was earlier in the week. 

Off to finish it up and then into my room where it's cool and knit.


Anne said...

We seem to think alike about knitting....yarn is something to which the word "enough" does not apply. I have 4 sweaters that only need the sleeves,and just started a 5th project:a vest using the odds and ends of leftover sock yarn. This is the most fun with knitting I've had in a long time.Most of the yarn is self plan at all. Knit with 1 color till it runs out or I
am tired of looking at it. The problem(?)..I don't have enough yarn to finish and will be forced to get more. Pity.

Kathy said...

LOL We're twins!

I told myself I was going to knit only from my stash but there was sock yarn available that wouldn't be there next time. And Zach wanted a sweater out of some of the yarn I had and didn't have enough.

I am trying to be good but the yarn is like a Siren. It seduces me. :)

Anne said...

I can't get out to shop for yarn..order on line or from catalog. So when there is s sale combined with "free shipping" I might go a little bit overboard.

Expect to hear from sellers asking me to return some yarn,so they can have enough to sell to other people. :)

Kathy said...

Free shipping are very seductive words. LOL

That would be very serious yarn shopping if they didn't have anymore to sell. Things like that I can only dream of. LOL