Saturday, July 13, 2013

Exceeding expectations

I'm doing pretty well in cardiac rehab.  They've bumped me up to 40 minutes of exercise there and 30 minutes at home which will be great with my new exercise bike.  The only thing bugging me is I haven't lost an ounce in over 12 days.  I even ate less yesterday...1000 calories...and still didn't lose an ounce.  I don't know what the deal is but it's incredibly frustrating.  I'm not cheating; I record every bite I take in calories and sodium and I'm still not losing weight.

I'm working on the sweater I started for Zach.  I've run into some problems with this skein of yarn having some issues and have had to cut sections of it out because it wasn't spun right and ended up all fluffy in spots.  I've used this yarn before with no problems at all but this particular skein sucks.  Still, I love the pattern and have been progressing well on it.  I need to finish up the young girl's sweater since I'm almost done with the body of the sweater...just the sleeves, collar and button bands to go.

I'm having afghan withdrawal but the weather is heating up so I'll have to wait until fall for that.  I should get back to working on my older sister's socks.  They're on the nightstand waiting for me.  Plus I got some sock yarn last month that needs my attention as well.  I think I'm going to knit my dad a pair and maybe my older sister's husband, too, since he was very helpful in my mother's last days.

I got the dvd of the funeral but I haven't gotten up the courage to watch it yet.  I do want to see it but I'm not sure I'm ready for the emotions that will build up within me.  Not yet, anyway. 

Tom is up north with his family at their land for a Luau weekend.  They have it every year.  I'm not going because finding something to eat that is low-fat, low sugar and low sodium is difficult enough at home.  Pretty impossible up there where I can't cook for myself and can't read labels.  I'm getting caught up on laundry and cleaning up the kitchen today and tomorrow.  I'm way behind.

But I think I'm going to go sit in bed and read for a bit before I do my exercise.  I'm waiting for lunch to settle first.  Not allowed to do any activity for an hour after a cleaning working out or any kind of exertion.  So...I'm off to read.


Anne said...

70 minutes of exercise a day! That is amazing. Happy to see you doing so well.I hate dealing with the food too. My daughter and her family are vegan and they have given me spices to use in place of salt. But no matter what I do to it,tofu is still tofu. Yuck.

Kathy said...

Oops. I wrote that down badly. I do 40 minutes a day when I go to rehab and then 30 minutes on the days I don't go. I think I would collapse if I ever did 70 minutes a day! LOL Plus, who has the time?

Sorry for the badly written post.

I got a seasoning mix from the nurse at the rehab and it's delicious. I don't eat much soy because of the phyto-estrogen in it and as my cancer was hormone receptor the 98%... I don't want to risk it but tofu isn't one of my favorite vegetarian options. Maybe with barbeque sauce. LOL

Anne said...

Your post wasn't written badly...I knew what you meant as soon as I hit "send." Still 40 minutes of exercise is excellent progress. After a year and a half I can walk outside for about 30 minutes using a walker. Just happy that I can walk down the stairs from my second floor condo unit. Celebrate every success.

Kathy said...

In an odd way the diagnosis saved my life because they found the 75% blockage in the major artery in my heart and now I'm determined to extend my life instead of just waiting out each day.

I'm glad you've got some mobility. It's hard to be isolated and unable to get out and about. I hope you continue to enjoy getting out...until winter at least. I'm glad I got the exercise bike because our streets get so icy in winter and as we're on a hill, I can't walk around the block because of the steepness.