Monday, July 8, 2013

The afghan that never ends

I continue to improve and I love cardiac rehab.  It's nice to work out with other people and the nurses are great.  But at home, it's hard to exercise.  I have some dvds but since I'm limited to 15 minutes and have to keep my heart rate no higher than 100, it's hard to figure out what to do.  And walking in place or back and forth in the bedroom are difficult because of my dodgy hip.  I was only 5 minutes in yesterday when I had to start holding onto it...for the last 10 minutes.  So I bit the bullet and bought an exercise bike.  I researched them and got one that is inexpensive and doesn't take up a lot of room.  This one folds up to store so that helps a lot.  I hated to spend more money though, but knowing that Zach has to get in shape, too, unless he wants to end up in cardiac care before he's 30, I went ahead with it.

I'm still working on the afghan.  I would have been long done if I hadn't had to rip back the last section 4 times over the weekend.  I couldn't believe all the mistakes I kept making, including dropping a stitch back at the beginning of the section.  I'm now on the home stretch, working on the border.  Finally.  It's pretty warm working with it but I'm so close to the finish I want it done.  Then I can move onto socks and the baby sweater...which I will have to get very busy on since the shower is in 3 weeks.

It's really muggy today.  I had the a/c on for a bit yesterday, mostly for the dog.  He coughs and honks and breathes so heavily in the heat.  I need to get weight off of him, too.  It will be a miserable experience for both of us since he will wake me up in the night wanting food, but he's not healthy at all.  I need to start walking him, too, but I can't walk on hills yet so I'll have to find a place to take him.  It's not too hilly on the other side of the highway so I can walk him that far to get across the highway.  It's only a block but it's a mild incline so it takes a lot out of me to get that far.  I'll figure it out.

Zach's new mattress and box spring will be here Friday.  It's a lot later than they told us but it will have to do.  His mattress is so bad to sleep on but just a few more days.  I really wish we could stop spending money but stuff just keep falling apart.  Like m.

Well, time to fix something for lunch.  I'm barely losing any weight anymore, which is frustrating since I have about a 100 pounds to go.  I'm only eating 1200 calories and have to watch my fluids and sodium but I've gained a few pounds last week and only started losing again today.  I'm not cheating at all since I have to write down every single thing I eat.  It's going to be a long journey to weight loss if I'm only losing a pound every other week or so.



Anne said... glad you are doing well. Re weight loss..I have heard that when we start losing weight,our bodies actually begin trying to store more fat..some respose to a fear that there is another ice age or famine just around the corner. Sound reasonable to you? Don't look back..what happened in the past doesn't's what you are doing now that counts.

Kathy said...

Thanks, Anne. I know my body is resisting losing this weight but it's so frustrating. You're also right that I can't look back. No more last hurrahs and no more binges unless I want to end up back in the hospital...or worse.

Thanks for the encouragement. :)