Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So much for the mojo

All it takes is one night of sleeplessness to throw me off my game, but the past week has been many nights of little to no sleep so I'm a mess again.  I did sleep last night so I hope to get some things done today, including cleaning up the mess I made last night after Hannibal caught a mouse and dropped it next to my stash of knitting and let it get away.  Needless to say, there are piles of bags everywhere that need to find a place to live.  I suspect that will be my project for the day.

But the up side of that is I found some yarn that would be perfect to make up a bunch of hats, scarves and mittens for kids this winter.  The library in Beaver Dam always takes donations for that each winter so I'd better get going on it.  I am burning out on baby clothes but since there is no rush on those, I can put them aside and work on them whenever I feel like it.

I've decided to scrap the cape and frog it because it just doesn't look good at all.  I can use this yarn to knit myself a sweater instead.   But I am making progress on the Greek Key afghan now that the weather is so much cooler.

I'm re-reading the Inheritance series (Eragon, etc) because we got the last book months ago and I haven't read it yet.  Plus he took so long to finish the series that I have to re-read them so I know what's going on.  Still working on Buffy, season 4, plus all the things I dvr. 

I'm feeling the need to start nesting, shutting up the house and getting the vents ready for the furnace even though I don't plan on using it until near Thanksgiving.  At least I hope we can last that long.  I won't let us get sick and miserable over it though.

I should also get my herbs planted today and put on my new kitchen window sill.  At least I can get the little things done today.  And hopefully some knitting tonight.


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